A case of fibroid uterus

Dr. Sharad Shangloo
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    Dr.Sharad Shangloo is a leading Physician, graduated from Rajasthan University. He had presented many scientific papers in National and International seminars on uterine fibroids and other topics. . His articles are also published in many scientific journals. Here he presents a case of uterine fibroid.

    A female aged 30 years consulted me for pain in left iliac region since four months. She had regular periods with four days flow. The pain is drawing in nature > pressure, rubbing, warmth. She was irritable, depressed easily for the reason that she was not married.

    Past History
        She had been jaundiced 4 years back.

    Family History
        Mother passed away following renal failure. Sister had Koch’s infection and diabetic now.

        Appetite - Normal                Complexion - Medium
        Thirst – Increased               Stature - Normal
        Stool - Normal                    Frame - Medium
        Urine - Normal                    Body reaction - Normal
        Sweat - Normal                   Bath - Tepid water
        Sleep - Normal                    Food Type - Non Vegetarian.
                                                  Desires for sweet, has the habits of tea, coffee.

Menstrual History
    Attained puberty at the age of 14, regular, 4 days, flow normal with no significant changes.

    The Ultra sonogram dated 3-8-2005 revealed: The Uterus Measures 70.5 mm fundocervically with one focal hypoechoeic mass of 37.7mm size over the posterior part of the body.

Disease Diagnosis
    Fibroid Uterus

Miasmatic Diagnosis

Analysis and evaluation
1. Mother died of renal failure. In case of renal failure Medorrhinum has got a role to play at some point of time in almost all cases.
2. Pain is better by rubbing and warmth (Robin Murphy Lotus Materia Medica - Page- 1111-Medorrhinum - Modalities - Better by hard rubbing and worse from damp, cold.)
3. Thirst Increased (Robin Murphy Lotus Materia Medica - Page- 1111 - Medorrhinum-Food- Very thirsty.)
4. Depression (Homoeopathic Medical Repertory by Robin Murphy- page - 1307- Mind - Depression- Medorrhinum- Grade - 3).

First Prescription                     6.2.2006
    Medorrhinum 200 /OD

Follow Up - 1                            13.2.2006

    Pain with same intensity
    No improvement
    The medicines was repeated

Follow Up -2                             14.3.2006
    Pain in left lower abdomen, pulsating pain, pain increases and decreases gradually > movement and cold application. Thirstlessness.
    Pulsatilla 200/ tds for twp days relieved the pain.

Follow Up -3                             22.3.2006

    No pain
    Medorrhinum 200/ OD

Follow Up - 4                             22.4.2006

    No pain, Medorrhinum was repeated again.
    Advised for sonogram

Follow Up -5 22.4.2006

    No complaints
    The Ultrasound dated 13/6/2006 - Myometrium appears inhomogeneous and course in echo texture, though no discreet focal lesion is apparent. Bulky Uterus size- 9.4*4.8cm.
    Medorrhinum 200 was repeated every month. For three months and Medorrhinum 1000 was followed for further three months.