April 2008 | Volume-5| Issue 4
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Hahnemann... A Great Personality of Medical Science

- Dr. P.K. Mukherjee, M.F. (hom)

Hahnemann and contemporaries

- Dr. S. Jagatha, MD (hom)

Hahnemann and contemporaries in development of Repertories

- Dr. Yogita P.Chakole


Hahnemann and Johan Ernst Stapf

- S. Nithya


Hahnemann and Bœnninghausen

- Dr. Lalit Chatruvedi





Karl Julius Aegidi and Hahnemann



Hahnemann and Hering



    Time Line

          History of Medicine  

    Spot Light

          Hahnemann and Dynamisation  


          Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeial Laboratoryy  


          A case of fibroid uterus  - Dr. Sharad Shangloo


         Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
 - Dr. Saikat Hajra, West Bengal

  Visual Corner  

A Case of Neoplasm Tongue

- Dr. P. Mukundan, MD (hom)




       Prof.Dr.V.K. Gupta M.D(hom)

- Dr. Jessy Markose, BHMS


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Seminar on Homoeopathic Philosophy

   Diagnostic Quiz  

   Photo Quiz