April 2010|Vol 7|Issue 4

April 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 4

Guest Editorial
Long Live Hahnemann and Homoeopathy


    Father of Homoeopathy – Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann's birthday is celebrated as World Homoeopathic Day by his followers. This day is not only for remembering but also used as a tool to create awareness among the public about homoeopathy.

      In psychology, the term 'Ritual' is used in a technical sense for a repetitive behavior systematically used by a person to neutralize or prevent anxiety; it is a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Present day medical world is full of such rituals and science.

      I am also equally worried about the April 10th ritual - immortalising Hahnemann and mortalising his scientific temper. Same thing happened to Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi. Hahnemann stood for Science experiment, observation, inference, and shaped homoeopathy by induction and deduction. The basic principle with clear logic still stands very high. Hahnemann is not a Saint but a Scientist.

      In homoeopathy, the science is relegated to back seat. The do's and don'ts, before and after etc etc., has taken the centre stage. In this context Dr.S.P.Koppikar's article on 'Misconceptions about Homoeopathy' is worth reading several times. Also do read Dudgeon's 'Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Homoeopathy' and 'Hahnemann's conception of chronic diseases' by M.L.Tylor

      Start reading again Dr. Hahnemann's original works and look at the huge references he has quoted. It is the testimony of his knowledge and wider acquaintances with various books. World book day falls in 23rd April and opens the door to inculcate and enhance reading habit in all.

      Hahnemann stands much taller in his love and empathy for the suffering humanity. This led to his living with translation works than continuing the prestigious medical profession initially. The end is known. He gave birth to Homoeopathy. By applying his life principles and of his scientific temper, let us bring up Homoeopathy to its glorious heights in the medical world.

with regards
Dr.P.V. Venkatraman.