April 2010|Vol 7|Issue 4

April 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 4


Contributions of Dr. Constantine Hering


Dr. Sujata Choudhury, BHMS, M. D. (Hom.)
Senior Research Fellow, Drug Proving Unit
Dr. ACHMC&Hospital, Bhubaneswar.
E-mail: drsujatachoudhurymd@yahoo.com
Mobile: 09861350715

    Dr. Constantine Hering was born on 1st January 1800 at Oschath in Saxony. He is respectfully considered to be one of the founders of Homoeopathy in America. At the age of 17 years he became interested in Medicine and joined the University of Leipzig, where he became the favorite pupil of Dr.Henrich Robbi, an eminent senior Surgeon who used to criticize Dr. Hahnemann and ridicule Homoeopathy.

    Dr. Hering
    In 1821 Dr. Hering was asked to write a book against Homoeopathy which could finish the system. Dr. Hering was greatly pleased with this mark of confidence and nearly finished that work in 1822. But when he was going through the writings of Hahnemann, he came across famous “Not a bene for my reviewers” in the preface of third volume of first edition of Materia Medica Pura. The content had following points:

    “The doctrine appeals not only chiefly, but solely to the verdict of experience.”

    “Repeat the experiments, repeat them carefully and accurately and you will find the doctrine confirmed at every step.”

    “It does what no medical doctrine, no system of physics, not so-called therapeutics did or could do, it insists upon being judged by the results.”

    As Hering was an ardent student of science, he wanted to confirm the remarks made by Hahnemann and he repeated the Cinchona experiment. In winter of 1824, Dr. Hering received a cut in his forefinger of right hand while dissecting a dead body. The wound became gangrenous and the modern medicines could not help him and he was advised amputation. However, Dr. Kummer persuaded him to take homoeopathy and with a few doses of Arsenicum-album, his gangrene completely healed. Since then, Dr. Hering never looked back and his journey in Homoeopathy could get a new and strong direction.

    Dr. Hering’s major contributions for Homoeopathy:

    The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician

    Ten volumes of ‘Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica’ and many other books

    Analytical Repertory of the Symptoms of Mind

    Condensed Materia Medica

    Proved 72 drugs, the most important of them are – Lachesis, Cantharis, Colchicum, Iodum, Mezerium, Sabadilla, Sabina, Psorinum, Nux mosch., Crotalus, etc.,

    He enunciated the Law of Direction of Cure popularly known as “Hering’s Law of Cure”.

    Dr. Hering was the Chief Editor of ‘North American Homoeopathic Journal’, ‘The Homoeopathic journal of Materia Medica’ and ‘The Homoeopathic News’.

    He introduced Hering’s Law of Cure that is employed by practitioners even today to assess their cures.
    Hering began his medical journey as an orthodox medical practitioner but later in life, excelled as a homoeopath by his own experimentation and hard work. His journey ended on his demise in 1880, but he will remain immortal because of his vast invaluable contributions to the homoeopathic fraternity.