January 2006 | Volume 3| Issue 1


Psoriasis…the miasmatic background

-Dr.Kannan.V , MD(Hom)

   Psoriasis is one of the mixed miasmatic skin manifestation, predominantly psoric and sycotic manifestations. “In literatures, it is given, that the exact cause for the psoriasis is not known. But, Homoeopathic concept regarding basic cause for the chronic diseases like psoriasis is Psora. Psora, or the itch disease, is behind this, the oldest and most hydra-headed of all the chronic miasmatic diseases. It was thus that psora became the most universal mother of chronic diseases”. - Hahnemann

        “The original simple psora has added to it, syphilis and sycosis. Hence now the human race is affected by complex mixed miasm and the outbreaks of their manifestations” - J.T. Kent

The psoric manifestations of psoriasis:

        Skin has dry, rough, dirty or unhealthy appearance. Itching is the persistent symptom. There is very little suppuration; there may be few vesicles or a popular manifestation. With the dry skin, there is a decided tendency for fine, thin scales, the eruptions dry down and scale off. Itching eruptions aggravated in the open air, evening and ameliorated by scratching, but burning and smarting follow the scratching. These eruptions do not suppurate but dry down and become dead scales.

        Disturbances roused in the psoric patient by grief, sorrow or other harrowing emotions. All psoric manifestations are associated with coldness and ameliorated by heat. One of the strongest characteristics of psora in its latent state is the mental condition. Psoric patients are mentally alert. They are quick and active in their motions. This activity is very pronounced and especially pronounced in the keenness and activity of the mind.

        They will work like Trojans for a short time, but they are easily fatigued both mentally and physically and profound prostration follows. This prostration has such a profound effect upon them that they soon come to the pause where they dread to undertake any exertion, mental or physical because of the fatigue, which they know, will follow.The fatigue is accompanied by the desire to lie down and this desire is quite characteristic of this type of patient.

        A peculiar characteristic of the mental information is that it produces a sense of bodily heat and those patients will have flushes of heat while they are working. The heat of the room oppresses them. Another peculiarity of the mental state is anxiety; fear. pathological development take place very rarely under a purely psoric manifestation. It is only when this taint is united with another stigma that pathological conditions arise.

Concept of local applications in psoriasis


Hahnemann, in paragraphs 196,197 and198 of organon considered the use of the potency as local applications. It may seem as if the cure of a local disease could be accelerated, not only by internal administration, but also by external application of the correct homoeopathic remedy adapted to the totality of symptoms, since the effect of a medicine, applied locally to the disease itself, might possibly produce a more rapid improvement.

        But this kind of treatment is entirely objectionable, not only in local affections dependent of psora, but also in local symptoms arising from syphilis and from sycosis, because the local application of a medicine, simultaneously with its internal use, results in great disadvantages.

        At all events the premature disappearance of this local symptom renders it very difficult, and in some cases impossible to determine whether the internal remedy has also exterminated the total disease. For the same reason, a medicine having the power of curing internally, should not be employed exclusively as a topical application to the local symptoms of chronic miasmatic diseases.

        But if we base our use of local applications upon physical principles, we may consider it. For instance, in cases of psoriasis and like diseases, the scale, which is thrown off by the cuticle, tears the corium. This is the cause of the intense itching and is purely a mechanical disturbance. This can be removed very easily and properly by olive oil, followed by a bathing of the part, for cleansing purposes.


The sycotic manifestations of psoriasis

        The sycotic patient is exceedingly suspicious. He dare not trust himself. He is jealous, cross and irritable. He is absent minded in certain things and finds difficulty in getting the right word.The more he looks at the word after he has written it, the more it seems and the less confident he is that it is right. He forgets recent happenings but remembers distant past events very clearly.

        Sycosis like the syphilitic stigma has the mark of self – condemnation that is the moral reaction to the inception of the Disease State.The sycotic skin manifestations tend towards over growth or extra deposits. The nails are ribbed or ridged and thick and heavy.Moles, warts wine - colored patches and other manifestations of unnaturally thickened skin belong to this classification.

        Skin eruptions of this stigma occur in the circumscribed spots and there are exfoliating eczemas.The fish-scale eruptions are also a combination of the three stigmata, with the dryness of psora, the squamous character of syphilis and the over growth of tissue, or the thickened skin manifestations, of sycosis.

The syphilitic manifestations of psoriasis:

        The patients are mentally dull, heavy stupid especially stubborn, sullen, morose, and usually suspicious.They are always depressed but in the depression they keep their troubles to themselves and sulk over them.These are the people who develop the fixed ideas, which are not eradicated by any amount of explanation or talk.Their mental powers are slow in reaction; they become melancholic and condemn themselves. They like to be alone, yet desire to escape from themselves as well as from others.

        They have slowness of comprehension, the thought in starting a sentence will vanish. They forget what they were about to say, they find hard to get back into the track of their conversation.If they are reading, they read a few lines and then they must re – read it to comprehend it. All complaints are worse at night. Restlessness is so great that it drives him out of the bed.

        Abnormal discharges ameliorate complaints (like Leucorrhoea, catarrh) but natural discharges like sweat, profuse urination etc, never ameliorates the syphilitic condition. In skin symptoms, the nails of the patient are characteristic, being paper like, spoon shaped, bending tearing easily. the nails are irregular, brittle, breaks, split easily, and with many hang nails.

        This is an unfailing sign of the tubercular. These nails are also spotted with white specks or scalloped edges. Felons about the nails are manifestations of the combined effects of syphilis and psora, as are all periosteal manifestations.

       As we naturally expect, there are many skin manifestations with the syphilitic miasm and in the tubercular dyscrasia. There are pustular eruptions, which suppurate, eruptions that occur especially about the joints or in the flexures of the body.These eruptions are quite prone to arrange themselves in crescentic formation. In color they are coppery or brownish but some times very red at the base of the papules. The most striking characteristic of these syphilitic eruptions is that they do not itch and there is very little soreness. If these eruption progress to scaling and crusts as they usually do these are very thick and occur in patches or circumscribed spots. Skin affections with glandular involvement are frequent.

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