May 2005|Volume 2|Issue 5




Keloid…progressive growth of scar

Dr.Aarti Sharma



This poster presentation was made in Excellence 2005 held at Chennai, in commemoration of the first anniversary celebration of Homoeotimes. Dr.Aarti Sharma presented an excellent power point presentation on keloid and snatched the first prize. Here we have transcribed and published the following letters to report on seminar presentations.

Good morning every body!

This is the presentation from Aurobindo Society pondychery. This particular project had been sponsored by Govt of India unanimously by the Department of Health and family welfare and the department of AYUSH..It was done under the guidelines of Dr.S.P.Singh and Dr.Rastogi. A team of doctors five homoeopathy doctors are working together. I would like to speak just a few words .In the morning presidential address Dr.Diwan Harish Chand said that to make a presentation of five minutes, the American president needed one month.I am glad to say over here that for this five minutes presentation five homoeopaths worked together for three years. So it was a project of three years; from the year 2000 to 2003. It is a comparative study done between homoeopathy and allopathy , results were done . We found that homoeopathy is more effective than allopathy. Just in brief .

What is keloid? Keloid is a progressive growth of scar, that keeps on increasing, and inviting normal surrounding tissues. It can lead to complications like pain , itching, discharge ulcerations, secondary infections and also lead to contractures, leading to impaired mobility and lot of cosmetic disability.

We will go to the cases directly. This is a young boy, 19 years old, this particular boy fell in love with a girl and tattooed girl friend’s name on his chest …interesting enough… and the girl friend left away thinking that he is a psychic patient. But Keloid started growing in that area . The love was over flowing there it seems. You can appreciate the changes after homoeopathic treatment. You can see the keloid regions are regressed quite a lot.

The same person has some keloid growth in his elbow. You can appreciate the changes with in a span of two years.
Here is another case, a male aged twenty two years, keloid regions are coming on the scapular region. and after the treatment the two lesions completely regressed.

Here is an another case, pre sternal keloid and with treatment they are totally regressed.

Here is another case, having multiple lesions on the chest, they were constantly increasing in size, severe itching and agonizing pain was there, the person could not sleep in the night. after the treatment ,not only the subjective symptoms. that is pain, itching disappeared. The keliod disappeared. You can appreciate the changes in the slide.

Here a case of a male aged 63 years; he had underwent surgery for peptic ulcer. After that he developed a incisional scar, in that keloid developed. The allopaths were not ready to treat the case , he was constantly developing secondary ulcers and sinuses, and he was not amenable to any antibiotics. When this case was referred to us by medical college JIPMER, and with homoeopathic medicines without any local treatment the persons infection healed ,the ulceration was totally gone .You can see… even the size was reduced.

Next… This is a very very interesting case. The patients come for one malady, where as we give a complete package. Not only one disease goes…you find the whole person is treated. This what happened in this particular case, He had multiple keloid growth along with vitiligo in the upper lip. Now the viltiligo also disappeared here. I hope that you can appreciate in this slide.

Next..This is a case of young girl. She had cervical node, for which biopsy was done, after that scar keloid developed. you can see the warts coming up near by. After the treatment the keloid lesions regressed in size. pain itching, discharges disappeared.

Next slide. This is very interesting case. The person had herpes zostor, after that he developed keloid lesions in the infection and there severely agonizing pain , the herpatic neuralgia was there, and after that the keloid lesions started increasing and not responding to any medicine. The local therapy sometime silicon gel was did given, some steroid injection was given. but this person not respond to any of the treatment.

You can see the dramatic changes that have occurred in the lesions. Not only the thickness have gone ,not only the size was reducing. You can see the skin colour is appearing and the persons most agonizing herpetic neuralgia has disappeared.
You can see this particular lesion in various angles.

This is on the shoulder and deltoid region

With this I take leave.. Thank you so much

Dr.Aarti Sharma
Sri Aurobindo Society
1,Rangapillai Street
Pondichery- 605001