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A case of chronic dyspepsia

-Dr.V. Veera Balaji Kumar, BHMS


        Dr.V.Veera Balaji Kumar is a leading practitioner practices at Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He is a research scholar much involved in psychiatric studies. His write-ups had been published in many magazines and he has also presented many scientific papers in seminars and CME programs. He is rendering service to the homoeopathic community as general Secretary of Tamil Nadu Homoeopathic Association.

        A male aged 39, consulted me for chronic dyspepsia. He was a loadman for the past twenty years Most of his earnings were spent on liquor and parotta stall. He was a chronic smoker, and takes nearly 7-8 cups of tea daily.

        He complained of acute pain in the left hypochondrium for the past few months. It came as soon as he ate. The pain was drawing and at times cramping in character. It was relieved by taking cold drinks or eructation.

        He also complained of burning eructation and recurrent apthae of mouth. Palpitations after eating. Because of these problem he ate only less quantity, only to feel hungry at night. I advised him to avoid or at least reduce his alcohol intake and spicy foods.


  First Prescription                                                 17th March 2002

Rx   Nux vomica 200 / 5doses at night
       Natrum phos 6x 2 tablets morning and night

  Follow Up 1                                                           27th March 2002

He felt that the pain was less to certain extent.. He now had diarrhoeic stools every morning. He now said that pain was as if a stone was there within the stomach. Nux vomica and Bryonia are main remedies for this sensation. But having already given that remedy I was perplexed about the next prescription. I cannot wait because he was suffering from acute pain. He had cut down the alcohol consumption.

I had tried various other remedies like Pulsatilla, Kali bich, Conium, Robinia etc., The patient was exasperated. He had complied with my advice quite expectant of a cure with homoeopathy. But that was proving to be difficult. I have a good experience of relieving many digestive problems quickly and effectively. But this case was proving to be a challenge. Then I studied all the digestive drugs in Douglas Borland’s little monograph ‘Digestive drugs’ and N.M.Choudhri’s materia medica.

  Follow Up 2                                                           3rd July 2002

Rx   Abies nigra 30 / 14 day’s morning and night
       Blank tablets morning and night

  Follow Up 3                                                           15th July 2002

       The patient was all tears. He was very happy with the relief. He said that he was unaware of his stomach for the past one week. And he added that he never felt so healthy in years.

Rx   Abies nigra 200 / 7 doses – to be taken if he feels pain again
       Blank tablets morning and night

  Follow Up 4                                                           30th November 2002

      Only twice he felt pain when he took non vegetarian food. Then no pain even when he had feast at his home. He confessed that he was consuming alcohol once a week, just to forget his worry ?!!


      After this experience I have tried in many cases Abies nigra. It is a gem of remedy, but often ignored in practice.

ABIES NIGRA (abies-n.)

Black Spruce:

      Powerful and long-acting remedy, in various forms of disease, whenever characteristic stomach symptoms are present. Most of the symptoms are associated with the gastric disturbances. In dyspeptic troubles of the aged, & functional heart symptoms; also after tea or tobacco. Stomach problems in old persons.

MIND : Hypochondriacal. Fear of cancer. Sad.

GENERALITIES: Sensation of a lump (throat, lungs, and stomach). Indigestion with heart complaints or dyspnoea, esp. in old people.

FOOD AND DRINKS: Desire: Cucumber.

STOMACH: FEELING OF A LUMP (egg, stone) or constriction in top of stomach.
< Immediately after eating. Indigestion, < tea, tobacco. Total loss of appetite in morning, but great craving for food at noon and night.
Abstinence from particular food doesn’t >dyspepsia. Frequent vomiting of food.

SLEEP: Restless. Sleeplessness with hunger.
DD: Abies-c., Asaf., Bry., Chel., Ign., Nux-v., Thuj.

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