October 2005 | Volume 2 | Issue 10



A case of Psoriasis scalp

Dr. Girish Gupta


       Dr.Girish Gupta, recipient of many national and international awards, also a member of Central council for Research in Homoeopathy had presented many cases with evidence-based documentations. Here we give a case of scalp psoriasis presented by him. He has a scientific approach with determination to do “Something Significant” and redefine Homoeopathy on modern scientific lines. This case had been treated recently and he shares his experience with all.


        A thirty-five year old male patient was having itchy, scaly, crusty, oozy, psoriatic skin lesions on scalp since 3 years. The case was repertorised and the symptoms considered were

  • Fear of thunderstorm,
  • Fear of being alone,
  • Fear of ghosts,
  • Fear of robbers,
  • Fear of accident,
  • Fear of misfortune,
  • Fear of high places,
  • Fear of water,
  • Fear in crowd,
  • Desire for company,
  • Desire for salt, Spicy and seasoned food
  • Offensive sweat on palms.

        Phosphorus was selected from various drugs of choice. After 6 months of treatment with Homoeopathic drugs psoriatic skinlesions were almost cleared.

  First Prescription                                        30th March, 2000

Rx   Phosphorus 1M

Single dose followed with placebo for four weeks

  Follow Up 1                                                  3rd May, 2000

  • Psoriatic skin lesions on scalp much better.
  • Fear of thunderstorm, being alone, ghosts, robbers, accident, misfortune, high places, water and crowd reduced.

Rx   Placebo for two months

  Follow Up 2                                                 19th July, 2000

Slow improvement in psoriatic lesions on scalp
No further reduction in fears.

Rx   Phosphorus 1M
       Single dose was repeated followed by Placebo

  Follow Up 3                                                 20th September, 2000

       Psoriatic skin lesions on scalp almost cleared

       Refer the photographs printed in back wrapper

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