August 2005 | Volume 2 | Issue 8



A case of Hypothyroidism

Dr.V. Kumaravel


           Dr.Kumaravel is a lecturer in Department of pathology, R.V.S. Homoeopathic Medical College, Coimbatore. He had presented many scientific papers and here he presents a case of hypothyroidism responded well to his treatment. He has presented evidence based investigation reports.

        A female aged 27 years who belongs to Hindu community and hailing from Tirupur presented with the complaints of

  • Weight gain since 4 months
  • General weakness since 4 months
  • Increased sleep since 4 months

        The patient gained weight since 4 months. She suddenly gained her weight around 8kg/month. She also had weakness of the body, could not do the routine work and always feel tiredness and sleepy mood. She also presented with the complaints she had puffiness of face, which increased in daytime. No significant history of suggestive Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Bronchial asthma, Tuberculosis and similar complaints.

        She got married at the age of 23 yrs. It was non-consanguineous marriage. Father is having Tuberculosis.

Mental Generals:

    • Sensitive3-mentally as well as physically
    • Desire company>consolation

Physical Generals:


Appetite                -   poor since 4 months
Perspiration           -   profuse, no stain often offensive.
Thirst                    -   Increased for cold water
Motion                   -   Regular 2 times/day
Urine                     -   Regular 4-5 times/day
Desire                   -   Cold things +++, juicy things, ice cream, Vegetables
Aversion                -   Fish
Menses                  -   Regular, Menarche at 13 yrs 27 days cycle /5days /bright-red without clot, Menses                  -   Occasionally back ache during menses,profuse bleeding for 5 days since 4 Menses                  -   months, No other discharge.

Sleep                  -     Good. 6-8 hrs, lying always in left side (Now increased since 4 months)
Dreams              -      Fearful dreams++,
Dreams              -      Natural dreams+++(river, mountain etc)


General Physical Examination:


Patient is conscious and sitting comfortably in bed. Appearance-Moderately built & moderately nourished white patches on the neck

Oral hygiene - Good

Vital Signs:


Temp              -         A febrile
Pulse              -         62/min,
B.P                 -         160/90mmHg
R.R                 -         19/min

Systematic Examination:


R.S.                 -        Normal vesicular breath sound no added sound
                                C.V.S. - S1,S2 heard
                                Systolic murmur in mitral area
Abdomen         -        No tenderness
Throat             -        No swelling
CNS                -        Decreased reflex in elbow, knee jerks






Date : 30-03-2005                               (Normal Values)

Serum T3 :               0.15ng/ml               (0.45-1.37ng/ml)
Serum T4 :               1.08 ug/dl               (4.5-12.0ug/dl)
Serum TSH :             115uIU/ml              (0.49-4067UlU/ml)
                                                                                       Refer Plate I

From this observation, the patient complaints diagnosed to be HYPOTHYROIDISM.

First Prescription                                                          30.03.05
I prescribed Phos 200 1P early morning on 30-03-2005
which is followed with placebo for 1 month

Follow Up 1                                                                    30.04.05
1. Phos 200 1P
2. SLP Powder 14P * 15 days

Follow Up 2                                                                   16.05.05
1. Phos 200 1P
2. SLP Powder 14P * 15 days

Follow Up 3                                                                    03.06.05

Investigation Done                                       (Normal Values)
Serum T3 :                  0.62ng/ml                      (0.45-1.37 ng/ml)
Serum T4 :                  5.14ug/dl                       (4.5-12.0 ug/dl)
Serum TSH :                2.78UlU/ml                    (0.49-4.67ulU/ml)
                                                                      Refer Plate II
Phos200 1P
1. SLPowder 14P for fifteen days
No complaints. The patient feels happy.


Dr.V. Kumaravel, B.H.M.S., MD
Department of Pathology
R.V.S. Homoeopathic Medical College