Dec 2004 | Volume 1| Issue 12


Tiny Globules against ugly Warts

Dr.P. Mukundan M.D (hom)


Dr.P.Mukundan is a famous physician from south india. He has clinical experience for more than twenty-one years; has presented many scientific papers in national seminars. He also has written many articles on public awareness which were published in popular dailys and magazines. The eminent homoeopath of Salem presents an excellent case of Warts.

Warts are circumscribed outgrowth of the skin caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Warts may appear anywhere on the skin but most commonly occurring over the hands and feet. It is a great mental agony for the patient who is affected by multiple warts since it gives an ugly look. Anyone can get the infection of HPV at any part of the life. But they are most common in older people.
Genital warts are often Precancerous growths. The most common way of infection is through sexual contact or handling the genital of someone who had infection already. Some warts disappear spontaneously. Mostly they spread and results in groups of warts.

The common warts are caused by anyone of more than 35 types of HPV. Even though infection of HPV is the cause of this problem, it is considered that the immune system is responsible for the development of this virus inside our body. That is why even after removal of these nasty warts by means of electrocautery, freezing and surgical measures, it reappears in most cases. But in Homoeopathy, our Dynamic medicines act upon the vital force and results in strengthening of the immune system so that it will become unsuitable soil for the growth of the Viruses.

In this case Mr.C.S – 21 years old was suffering from multiple warts over the forearm and hand of both the upper limbs since 4 years. New warts were appearing and the old warts also gradually increasing in size. Patient was dark complexion with unhealthy skin.

Mentally depressed and he avoids company of friends due to the ugly nature of the warts.

Confusion of mind and difficulty in concentration.

Frequent attacks of Cold since 8 years.

Nasal stuffiness< in rainy weather, Cold wind

Past History of Revaccination – 2 Times

After going through the History of the patient, he was administered with Thuja 200/OD for 3 days and followed by SL for 15 days.
Very mild improvement when he came after 20 days. Some of the warts were slightly diminished in size and patient felt no changes since a week. Dulcamara 30 / OD for 5 days followed by SL for 15 days was prescribed.

After 15 days he came with a pleasing smile in his face and said some of the warts were started disappearing. But he was disturbed mentally by the offensive sweat. Again Thuja 200 / OD for 3 days followed by placebo for a month. But the patient returned to my clinic after 2 months later. He was in great joy and reported me that all the warts withered away in the past 2 months period of time. He regained his self-confidence and his tendency for catching cold and nasal stiffness was very much less even though it was a rainy weather.

This is how the miracle happens in Homoeopathy. Such small doses of antisycotic deep acting dynamic medicines able to root out the problem of sycotic origin in the fastest and safest way.


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