Dec 2004 | Volume 1| Issue 12


A case of chronic otitis media

Dr. Nitin Dhole


Dr.Nitin Dhole is a young dynamic physician and Lecturer. He is rendering service as a teaching faculty at DKMM Homoeopathic Medical College. He also runs a successful Homoeopathic Clinic at Aurangabad, which provides online consultation to his patients. He has written many articles. Here he shares his experience on a case of chronic otitis Media.

This is a case of a girl of age 20 years who presented with complaints of watery coryza, pain in both ears, purulent discharge from left ear, and fever since 15 days. Patient had recurrent episodes of suppurative otits media since many years. Every time she was treated with antibiotics and conventional line of treatment with temporary relief of complaints. She was also having pain in throat, which was aggravated by taking fatty, oily food. She also had a boil in right nostril, which bleeds on and off.

Another complaint that bothered patient most was acne on face & back since a few months. Acne will leave a black scar on the face every time. Patient was a hot patient having craving for sour and spicy food. She had aversion to sweets. Her menses were regular for 4-5 days with moderate flow without any complaints. She had good sleep with occasional dreams of daily routine.

On interrogating about her family background, she told that she was living with her parents and two brothers. Father was doing broker ship in land business. Mother was housewife. Elder brother was working in a hotel. Younger brother was studying.
Patient studied only till HSC and dropped college


thereafter due to social problems. Her father told that they do not educate girls much in their community. She had fear of quarrels. She was timid hence avoided quarrel every time. Had anger rarely. She was very submissive and obeyed her parents. She will even listen to her younger brother. She wept easily at slightest scolding from parents or teachers in the school.

The case was analysed with Synthesis Repertory The Sum of Symptoms method (sorted with degree) was used for analysis.
The rubrics considered for repertorisation were:

(1) Ear: Discahrges, purulent
(2) Nose: Ulcers
(3) Generals: Food and Drinks, sour food, acids, desire
(4) Generals: Food and Drinks, spices, desire
(5) Generals: Food and Drinks, sweets, aversion
(6) Generals: Food and Drinks, fat, aggravation
(7) Mind: Cowardice
(8) Mind: Weeping, easily
(9) Mind: Yielding disposition

Pulsatilla got a totality of 20 marks and is present in all the nine rubrics. The remedy of choice here was Pulsatilla, which is also a hot remedy.

First prescription 01-01-2004

Pulsatilla 1M single dose followed by placebo for 7 days.

Follow up 1 09-01-2004

Pustular ear discharge much reduced but persists
No pain in ears
No fever
Coryza same.
Acne were better, but recurred since 3 days.
Right nostril boil totally gone.
Appetite increased.
Now headache or acidity.
Pulsatilla 1 M Single dose was repeated followed by placebo for 7 days.

Follow up 2 17-01-2004

Ear discharge much reduced
No pain in ears.
No fever.
No coryza.
No eruptions on face

No acidity no headache
Pulsatilla 1M Single dose was repeated followed by place
bo for 7 days.

Follow up 3 30-01-2004

Acne recurred 2 days.
No discharge, no pain in ears.
Now c/o pain in both lower extremities below knee joints.
Only placebo was given for 7 days.

After receiving Pulsatilla this patient did not have any episode of Otitis Media. Even in cold, damp weather of July – August she was absolutely fine in her ear complaints. Pulsatilla worked there as a constitutional remedy and removed the “Tendency” of having recurrent episodes of Suppurative Otitis Media. This is one of the surgical conditions where conventional line of treatment has a very limited scope with regard to long term relief from the complaints. But this is a rather simple and easy case to treat with homoeopathic constitutional remedy.

This patient still comes to me off and on for her acne. Acne in its severity are much more less than previous.


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