December' 05 | Vol 2 | Issue 12



A case of Alopecia Areata

-Dr.O.V.Ramana, M.D(hom)


          Dr.O.V.Ramana is an eminent practitioner and social worker. he had organized seminars and presented papers. His enthusiasm in presenting documented cases has served as a good input for the data pool. Here he presents a case of alopecia Areata.

          A female child aged 6 years, thin and weak was brought to my clinic with hair loss in the occipital area since 6 months. Initially she had pediculosis which was treated by a Dermatologist, later she had patchy hair loss. Dermatologist suspected fungal infection. In between she switched over to homoeopathy.

She presented the following symptoms

Spotty hair loss in the occipital area, more on the right side

Formation of crust with itching < evening

Intense craving for sweets

Canine hunger

Irritable and peevish

Thin and weak

          Based on this totality of symptoms I prescribed Lycopodium 200, which cured the case completely. here I have given the first prescription and follow ups of the case along with the photographs.

The Photographs taken before, during and after treatment are given below

First prescription



Based on this totality of
symptoms Lycopodium 200 / one dose
was prescribed followed with placebo for one month.

Follow up 1


  • Marked decrease in itching;
  • Feeble hair growth seen


SL for one month

Follow up 2


  • Hair growth 30%
  • No itching
  • Crusts disappeared


  • Lycopodium 200/ one dose
    SL for one month
Follow up 4


  • Hair growth 50%


Lycopodium 1M / one dose
SL for one month


Follow up 5


  • Hair growth 75%


SL for one month

Follow up 6


Hair growth fully recovered



Dr.O.V.Ramana, M.D(hom)
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