Mar 2005 | Volume 2| Issue 3


Arsenicum Album …Filariasis with Gangrene

Dr. K.R.K. Prabhakara Murty


Dr. K.R.K. Prabhakara Murty is a well known physician who renders great service to Homoeopathic fraternity. He holds various positions in social welfare organizations. Now he is the National General Secretary if Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians. He had presented many papers in scientific seminars and had been awarded for his excellence. Here he shares clinical experience with us on a case of Filariasis.

A 29-year-old lady was brought to me with an infected filarial foot, heading towards gangrenous state and suggested for amputation. The Patient had recurrent, periodical bouts of intermittent fever once in a month for many years and later she developed swelling in the right foot with blisters and open wounds. She was taking allopathic treatment irregularly. The wounds gradually became infected and very offensive serum and occasional pus oozing. started The offensiveness was so much that the odour did not leave my clinic even after she left. I had to change the coir mat in my clinic as the serous offensive discharge she left on it used to give the stench regularly. The patient was febrile and the temperature was 100°F.

(Please refer the photograph published at the back wrapper)

She further complained of severe pain in right foot extending to groin, and difficulty in walking. At this stage the allopathic doctor who was treating her suggested to go for amputation, as otherwise it may spread up. financial crisis did not allow her to take his advice. She was thrown out by her husband to her mother’s place only with a suggestion to return with a healed leg. She was thoroughly disappointed and vexed with life, and wanted to die ; but for her small kids she could not. Her uncle a staunch believer of Homoeopathy gave her assurance and brought her to me. I was having my own doubts and I told them I will treat only for 6 weeks and if I am not satisfied she may have to go for amputation. They agreed.

1. Periodicity of fever
2. Offensive discharge
3. Suicidal Tendency
4. Fear of Death
5. Desire for very warm food and drinks
6. Thirst for small quantities and
7. Thermal-chilly-I gave her a dose of Arsenicum Album 30

First Prescription - 20-7-1998

Arsenicum Album 30 1 Dose.
Hydrocotyle Asiatica Q 5 drops in 1 oz water,
three times a day.

Folloup 1: 27-7-1998

No significant change in any symptom.
Arsenicum Album 200 1 dose was given.

Followup 2 : 4-8-1998

Except in fever there is no much improvement.
Still confident I gave
Arsenicum Album 1M 1 dose

Followup 3: 12-8-1998

No change. The patient turning desperate and she wanted to die or get amputated instead of suffering like this. I asked her to wait for some more time as the mental picture was very strong. I asked to take Arsenicum Album 1M in graduated doses as mixing three pellets of the dose in ½ glass of water and to take 1 spoon of water after thoroughly stirring anti-clockwise for 15-20 times,
and 5 doses per day until the improvement came.

Followup 4: 17-8-1998

She gave me negative improvement. Then I took up the case once again and depended on the only good modality as she told the pain aggravated in first motion and better later. Rhus Tox 200 in graduated doses as above until improvement came.

Followup 5: 23-8-1998

She came with a beaming face with pain reduced to great extent and the blisters started healing. I asked to stop the doses and gave Placebo.

Followup 6: 30-8-1998

The blisters part completely over and the patient presenting a bright look.

(Refer the photos at the back wrapper)

No medicine was given later and the healing was complete. The difference between the two photos was only 13 days as the actual improvement is in that period. Even now she comes to the clinic, she did not get any relapses, except filarial fever occurring very occasionally.

Inference: Ars.Alb was given considering the strong mentals in the beginning, Later thinking the mentals are only exacerbation from the physical suffering, I depended on simple modality. Graduated doses are followed in acute cases not to repeat the same medicine in same potency as per the directions in organon derived by the master. I have treated the acute part only but the original filarial fever is recurring occasionally. Every case tells you a lesson-we should not attribute each and every symptom to mentals.


Dr. K.R.K. Prabhakara Murty
Kasturi Homoeo Clinic
29-6-14, RCR Road, Surya Rao Pet
Vijayawada-520 002