Feb 2005 | Volume 2| Issue 2
A Case Of Alopecia Totalis




Dr.B.T.Rudresh, an eminent physician practicing at Bangalore city shares his clinical history on Alopecia Totalis with evidence to the readers. He has authored many books in regional languages and English. He is the recipient of many state and National awards. He had presented many scientific papers in many seminars and given public awareness program in satellite channels.

A young boy aged 10 years entered my clinic with smiling face. He was fair and thin. I looked at his scalp that had almost lost his hair all over. I understood that his complaint did not deter him with lower spirit. He narrated his complaints jokingly.

‘I have lost my hair after a hair cut 6 months back; The hair initially fell down in patches and gradually all over. I watched his eyebrow that was without hair. I came to know that the boy is very intelligent; loves sports and likes to travel; he is very adjustable; and Craves sweets; He had chicken pox when he was six years old. His paternal mother had died of cancer of uterus and his paternal uncle died of bone cancer. His father is hypertensive patient and mother is a diabetic.

His First consultation was on the twenty fifth day of December 2003. Acid Flour 200 was my prescription and increased the potency to 1M for the further follow-ups. the prescription was made based on the strong family history, and the syphilitic tendency. Hair started growing within a month to every ones surprise. Few doses of Leuticum 1M was given to accelerate the action. After six months, he entered my room with smiling face, with the symbol of additional beauty, along with his father.He said, “Now I had hair Cut again” Please refer the photographs that were taken before and after treatment at the back wrapper.

Dr. B. T. Rudresh
Ashwini Homoeo Clinic
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