Jan 2005 | Volume 2| Issue 1


A case of Bell’s Palsy

Dr. S.Sasirekha


Dr. Sasirekha a young homoeopath, enthusiastically involved in treating challenging cases. She had presented many articles in regional dailies and magazines. Here she presents a case from experience in treating bells palsy. She renders service at AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Centre for the past four years.

A middle-aged woman consulted me for her sudden loss of function on the right side of her face. The subjective symptoms and objective symptoms gave a clear case of Bells palsy. She had asymmetrical smile obviously noted even during speech. Abnormal blinking, inability to close her eyelids on the affected side with watering from her eyes which would create more anxiety of her illness. While eating food collected on the right cheek and unable to pucker her lips or whistle. She had numbness and no pain.

This had happened while traveling in bus, sitting by the window with an exposure to cold draft air. By the time itself she had mild tinitis, followed by mild headache. Next day morning she could feel some changes in function and her facial abnormality was noticed by her family members very quickly.

Her blood pressure was very normal studying 120/90 mm of Hg and she had the habit of chewing tobacco. She was not a diabetic. She had attained menopause last year and has two sons. No specific illness in her past history. She is a moderately built woman with medium complexion, hard worker and a robust frame.

Her relatives suspected cerebro vascular disorder and advised her to consult a neurologist. She had chosen homoeopathic treatment and been referred by a neighbour

First Prescription - 09/02/2000

Based on the key note
Paralysis after exposure to cold draft air
Right side affection
Rx Causticum 1m 6 doses followed with SL for fifteen days

Followup 1 - 20/02/2000

  • Better
  • She told 50% improvement
  • SL for further fifteen days

Followup 1 - 03/03/2000

Better, almost recovered
Rx Causticum 1m for six days and treatment discontinued
The photographs, which were taken before and after has been given in the back wrapper “Visual Corner”


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