September 2005| Volume 2|Issue 9



A case of Pan Sinusitis With DNS

Dr. Shailendra R. Waghmare


    Dr. Shailendra R. Waghmare is a research scholar who involves much in treating the psycosomatic problems and respiratory problems. Here he explains a case of chronic sinusitis with septum deviation. He is young and energetic in presenting his experiences, and articles to our Homoeopathic community.

    A male aged 21 years came to me for sinusitis. He is fair and medium built with pimples on his face. I could appreciate dark circles around his eyes. He presented the following complaints

  • Frequent bouts of sneezing since one and half years < Morning
  • Nose blocks<at night
  • Cough since one-month .Dry, irritating with tickling in throat
  • Headache at frequent intervals < when gets nose blocks.
  • Pain in limbs in isolated spots of shifting character appears suddenly and disappears gradually.

Personal History:

    He was a student of pharmacy. He suffered from empty sinking feeling in abdomen whenever he gets hungry with ravenous appetite. He was craving for sour, especially lemon and juicy fruits, bitter guard chicken and warm food. Although he was a chilly patient, he was aggravated by sun exposure. It brings on headache and burning of eyes. Headache < Hunger, Mental Exertion, draft of air and > after sleep. Sound sleep with dreams of family and friends. Urgency for stool and frequency of urine increased now days.

Past History:

  • Diarrhoea in 1st year of life.
  • Use to get fainting spells after emotions in childhood.
  • Epistaxis in summer but not since 3 yrs.
  • Typhoid fever 1.5years back.

Family History and life space

GF (P): Pulmonary T.B.
Gf (M): Brain tumor.

    Mother was suffering from skin disease<sun exposure and piles. He was the only male child of his parents. Father was of suspicious nature, dominating with extraordinary, whimsical behavior. He had no job and use to quarrel & beat his wife. Due to this once mother had attempted suicide. He forced patient not to appear for CET Exam for medical but should take admission in I.T.I., as he will not support him financially. But patient not agreed and in all this lost one academic year. In the next year he took admission to D.Pharm with support of his uncle, who was a surgeon. But the series of problems and disappointments continued there also. Soon he became the victim of insult and torture by his aunty. Uncle knew all this but couldn’t involve much and always treated him as an outsider. Patient broke down emotionally and felt neglected and alone. Soon he suffered from Typhoid fever. As soon as recovered from it, had severe attack of Acute Allergic Sinusitis. He had only few close friends and one of them had taken him to a Homoeopath, after failure of Antibiotics. He got relief within a week but gradually it terminated in a chronic state. After completion of course he got admission here for B.Pharmacy and consulted me.

    By nature he was mild, sympathetic and always motivated others. He had only one close friend to whom he shares all his emotions. Offended easily. Anxiety about his disease. Changeable mood.

    He underwent X-ray PNS, which gave the impression that, ‘there are signs of allergic pan-sinusitis, and the nasal septum is deviated to left’. Refer Plate I

    Considering the neglected feelings, repeated disappointments, lack of emotional support, one to one relationships, I selected Natrum Mur as the constitutional remedy.


First Prescription                                                           19.03.2003

Rx    Nat Mur 30 for 7 days

Follow Up 1                                                                    27.03.2003

Epistaxis, loose stools appeared but disappeared
on its own Nasal symptoms & cough less.
Rx    SL for 15 days

Follow Up 2                                                                  12.04.2003

Sinus headache with right nose block alternates with yellow, sticky, lumpy discharge. Also from posterior nares

Rx    Kali Bi 30 for 7 days.   

   The patient appeared for regular follow up and finally the x-ray PNS at this time revealed sinuses are grossly normal, no nasal septum deviation. Refer Plate I I

   Now patient has left this place. He is advised to practice pranayama & use SOS Medicines whenever gets acute complaints which are very much reduced in severity than before.

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