June 2005|Volume 2|Issue 6




Fibroids and Ovarian cyst cured


Dr. B.S. Suvarna


Dr.Suvarna.B.S, Clinical practitioner presents here an evidence based cure on uterine fibroid and cystic ovary which was cured with lachesis.

A female patient aged 37 years with medium built and fair in complexion presented the following complaints.

  • Pain in lower abdomen since three years.
  • Irregular periods once in three months, painful profuse, intermittent and with small clots.
  • Low back pain radiating to both thighs and calves < night, Lying down.
  • Breast pain fifteen days before onset of her periods.
  • Itching genitals with pain in the tract.
  • Extreme tiredness and weakness.
  • Mind irritable and broods over the ailments.

She was married to a professional, lives happily with two children. She had good health in the past. Her mother died of uterine cancer and diabetes mellitus. Father is alive and in good health.

She underwent investigations; the Ultrasonogrphy gave the impression that “Bulky Uterus with Seedling fibroid; with Cystic left Ovary “

The findings as

A circular hyper echoic area is seen over the body of the uterus,
Size around 4.2cms /3.2cms.
Left ovary is enlarged and cystic, situated close to the uterus.
Size around 3.3cms/3.5cms size of the right ovary 2.5cms/2cms.

I prescribed lachesis 200 on 15-3-2003, three doses, which is followed with placebo for fifteen days.

Follow up 1      27-03-2003

  • Pain reduced in the hips, legs, and calf muscle,
  • Pain in the, lower abdomen also better

The complaints are better due to the left side affection of Lachesis, which is clearly understandable
The medicine was repeated again for further fifteen days and also with fraxinus Americana Q 5 drops three times daily after food

Follow up 2     29-09-2003

  • Much improvement noticed
  • Periods are regular.
  • No pain during

The medicines were repeated again and also advised for another follow up scan. It gave the impression that Bulky Uterus

The findings on pelvic area that

Uterus is Antiverted, measures 9.1x6.2x4.5Cms
Normal in contour and Echo pattern
Ovaries are normal

She is on “sepia” now, which constitutionally fits with her mind Indifferent and crossing legs while sitting and ups and downs of mood swings.


Dr. B.S. Suvarna
Mamatha Homoeo Clinic
Pushpagiri Complex,
(Opp Shankar Saw Mill)
K.M.Road, Jothi Nagar