August 2005 | Volume 2 | Issue 8



Urinary Tract Infections

Dr. A.R.Tagore


         Dr. A. R. Tagore is a practitioner and research scholar who had presented many worthy articles in many magazines. He has established a reputed name in Chennai. His article on diet and regimen is very popular. He studied at Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Gudivada and is also a graduate of psychology .

         Urinary tract infections are most commonly seen in women. 50% 0f women are suffer symptoms of urinary tract infections sometime during their adult lives, 3% at the age of 20. Increase by about 1% in each subsequent decade. It may be uncomplicated or complicated Latter may result in permanent renal damage rarely.

         In women most cases are ascending infections originating in the lower urinary tract. Ascent of organism into bladder facilitated in women by the short urethra and absence of bactericidal prostatic secretions.

         70 to 80% of cases are E.Coli, remaining are proteus, pseudomonas species, streptococci or staphylococcus epidermis. E.Coli is gram-negative organism. we can treat these infections easily with homoeopathic medicines.

         A 26 years old female patient suffering from recurrent U.T.I. since 6 months was under conventional treatment. Before 6 months severe itching in her genitalia. During these 6 months there is no improvement at all. One day she came to my clinic with the symptoms of haematuria, burning and painful micturition, frequency of urination once in half an hour, with lower abdominal pain and evening rise of temperature. I advised to take urine analysis and culture. Culture showed E.Coli present.

Refer Plate I

First Prescription                                19-05-05

1) Pulsatilla 1M. 5doses. (4hourly).
2) Cantharis Q. 10 drops with ½ glass water (4hourly).

Follow Up 1                                         30-05-05

After 2 days haematuria stopped, but burning micturition and evening rise of temperature as it is and frequency of urination is same. Patient complaining of backache. Then my prescription changed to;

Rx    1) Merc sol 0/1. 7 doses (6 hourly)

Follow Up 2                                       16-05-05

Within 2days no fever, no burning micturition, and no backache. But severe itching in genetalia came back. Then I remember here Herring’s law of cure; symptoms disappear in reverse order of their appearance.

Rx    Merc sol 0/2. 7 doses (Daily one dose )

Follow Up 3                                      14-06-05

No improvement in itching.
Severe itching aggravation at night, during and after menstruation. With sleeplessness due to itching. In this condition.

Rx    1) Calc carb 0/1. 7 doses ( 6 hourly )

Next day onwards there is no complaint of itching. Patient slept well. Advised to take another culture report, absolutely there is no E.Coli in her report. Refer Plate II

Then we gave precautionary measures to the patient for no further recurrence. In medicine books mentioned; relief of clinical symptoms does not always indicate bacteriological cure. Re infection with another organism or with the same organism after an interval of at least 2 weeks is much more common than failure to eradicate the initial infection. But after giving constitutional homeopathic remedy recurrence is very rare.

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