Oct 2004 | Volume 10| Issue 1


A case of Planter psoriasis

Dr. V.Veera Balaji Kumar


Dr.V. Veera Balaji Kumar is young enthusiciatic physician much involved in reading and research. He is a pioneer homoeopath, practicing at Madurai and Chennai, having clinical experience for ten years. He had written many articles and presented many papers in scientific seminars. He is the General secretary of TamilNadu Homoeopathic association now. He has wide knowledge in computer application and had been awarded for his soft ware, “Soft tips”

A lady aged 50, fair and obese consulted me for the complaints of

  • Itching in the rhagades of her soles, since 1 year.
  • Itching in the palms. Small cracks in the palms.

The skin of the sole was hardened up to ½ inch thickness. The skin had undergone lichenification, and it appeared black. She was complaining severe pain in the cracked and bleeding sole. In fact she revealed that she used to weep with the pain. Leading dermatologists of the city have been consulted, but there was no substantial improvement. She also complained of knee pain, which was relieved by application of Iodex.

History: Hysterectomy due to Metrorrhagia Hypovolumic shock due to heavy blood loss during hysterectomy.
Generals: Appetite, thirst, Urine, stool, perspiration are normal
Desires: sour food (‘puzhi kolambu’ and lime rice)

The following rubrics were taken for consideration and repertorized:

  1. EXTREMITIES - CALLOSITIES, horny - Soles; on
  2. EXTREMITIES - CRACKED skin - Feet - soles
  3. EXTREMITIES - CRACKED skin - Feet - heel
  4. EXTREMITIES - ITCHING - Foot - sole of
  6. GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - sour food, acids - desire
  8. GENERALS - LOSS - fluids, of

Both Antimonium Crudum and Arsenicum album were indicated. The characteristic thick, hard skin tilted the balance towards Ant-crud. Refer the photograph printed at the back wrapper

First prescription 29-1-04

Rx Antim crud. 1M 2 doses HS
Calc flour 12x OD (morning)
Hypericum Q – External wash – at night before retiring to bed
Graphites ointment for External Application at night

Follow-up 1 9-2-04

Itching status quo. The pain slightly better
Rx Calc flour 12x OD (morning)
Petroleum 6 OD (Night)

Follow-up 2 4-3-04

Itching reduced. The cracks have started closing up
Refer the photograph printed at the back wrapper
Rx Calc flour 12x OD (morning)
Petroleum 6 OD (Night)

Follow-up 3 27-3-04

The blackness is changing to normal skin colour.
Cracks are reducing rapidly.
Rx Calc flour 12x OD (morning)
Petroleum 6 OD (Night)

Follow-up 4 12-4-04

The cracks in the palm are slow in closing up. Itching occasionally in the palms.
Rx Cistus canadensis 30 – 6 doses at night
Calc flour 12x OD (morning)

Follow-up 5 10-6-04

The cracks completely closed up. The skin almost returned to normal. Refer the photograph printed at the back wrapper
Rx Cistus canadensis 30 – 6 doses at night
Calc flour 12x OD (morning)
The remarkable improvement in this case was possible because of few but characteristic symptoms. The sheet anchor was Antim crud., while Petroleum carried the case forward. Cistus canadensis finished the case.
Though the skin had returned to normal, it cannot be said completely cured. It should be followed up for two years to rule out any for recurrence. This case may require sulphur or Arsenicum album or graphites later.


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