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    Dr. Rajendra Rajput is a leading practitioner and academician. He is the Vice Principal of RKDF Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhopal and Reader in the Department of Social and preventive medicine. He also received Doctorate in Health and had done post graduation in Philosophy.

    The modern term migraine is not a new term, its is derived from a greek word 'Hemikrania' meaning 'Half-Head'. The term was firstly used by the second century Greek Physician Galen, who described it as a characteristic one side headache. He called his patients suffering from Half-Headache is "Migraineur"

    From ancient civilizations to 21st century modern era, there are lot many people who suffered Half-Headache. According to the International Headache Society, "Headache is an equal opportunity offender, affecting persons from all walks of life, with all levels of socioeconomic and Intellectuals status . Where as migraine is more prevalent in women than men, out of all headaches there are 12 percent migraineurs".

    The International Headache Society has certain standardized diagnostic criteria formed in 1988, identified around 14 different types of migraine Headache. But there are 2 types -
        (1) Migraine with Aura.
        (2) Migraine without Aura.

Migraine with Aura - It is also known as classic migraine about 15 percent of all migraine comes under this category experiencing Aura . Reporting series of visual, motor and speech disturbance prior to developing their headache. The aura phase may last for 10-30 minutes after which headache begins.

Migraine without Aura - About 80 percent of the migraine sufferer have migraine without aura. This migraine usually lasts for 4-72 Hours. Commonly accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Common Variants Hemiplegic Migraine ,Ophthalmologic migraine,Basilar Artery migraine ,Abdominal migraine also needs differentiation.

    Even though the clinical symptoms and triggers lead to the provisional diagnosis. Some procedures are needed to make differential diagnosis on other headache classifications.
    1. Headache Diary - Advising the migraineure to keep a datewise record of its attack - Homoeopathically the - Sensation, location, modality, Duration, concomitant etc.
    2. Detailed case taking
    3. Complete Physical examination
    4. Complete Blood Chemistry
    5. MRI
    6. CT Scan
    7. Thyroid function test
    8. Biofeed Back Analysis
    9. Brain mapping
    10. EEG

    The key intervention areas should be on knowing and understating the -
    - Existing causes
    - Maintaining causes
    - Exciting causes (Trigger factors)

A. Non drugs therapies :
    - Evaluation of Dietary, emotional and environmental factors.
    - Psychological Counselling.
    - Regular aerobic exercise
    - Stress management

B. Drug Therapies :
    Only well selected Homoeopathic medicine can cure the migraine along with the diet and regimen as suggested by Master Hahnemann.