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A case of Bell's Palsy

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       Prof.Dr.Shreepad Hegde is a leading physician and academician in the garden city Bangalore, He is rendering service to the Homoeopathic community as professor, at Bangalore Govt Homoeopathic medical college, He had presented scientific papers in seminars.
       A girl aged 12 years presented with weakness on right side of the face since two days. The patient had a ride in a motorcycle, drenched in rain and exposed to cold wind. Next day patient noticed the changes in her right side of her face with weakness and numbness She had difficulty in opening and closing of the mouth, couldn't close the right eye completely.

Associated complaints:

       Fear of darkness,
       Fear of disease.
       Diagnosis: Right sided Bell's Palsy.

Totality of symptoms:
       1. Paralysis caused due to exposure to cold
       2. Paralysis due to riding in the wind and rain
       3. Right sided facial paralysis
       4. Pain in jaws with difficulty in opening the mouth
       5. Chilly patient

Similimum : Causticum
       Plan of management and Treatment:
       a) Advice to do massage and exercise of the facial muscle.
       b) Use a finger regularly close the eyelid to moisten the eye.
       c) Wear protective glasses to guard against dust.
       d) Causticum 200 three times for 5 days.

       Summary of the case: Treatment was started with Causticum 200,for 5 days with rest and above mentioned management,programme of physiotheraphy.Patient started improving, after five days about 40% recovery was noticed. She was on saclac for next 5 days. After 10 days complete recovery was seen.
       1st photo………Bell's palsy
       2nd photo………40%recovery
       3rd photo………100%cure.

       Also refer the photograph published in back wrapper, visual corner

Before Treatment
During Treatment
After Treatment