A case of PCOS with Infertility

Prof Dr.Shaila.M.Udachankar
Dept of Repertory
A.M.Shaikh Homoeopathic Medical College
Nehru Nagar,
Belgaum-10, Karnataka.

    A lady aged 30 years longing for a child since two years of her married life consulted me with her mother in law. She was diagnosed PCOS as primary cause for infertility and treated accordingly with modern medicines. Her Ultra sonogram report revealed Poly Cystic ovarian Disease. Her husband is healthy with normal seminal count. Her history is as follows

Presenting complaints:

  • Longing for Child since two years.
  • Eruptions on both the sides of cheeks since 6 months with itching < Heat of the Sun > Cold Application

    Past history:
    Nothing significant.

    Family history: She has two sisters, elder sister has two daughters and her younger sister is studying in college. Her father died following carcinoma of the oesophagus. Husband keeps good health.

    Menstrual history: Attained menarche at the age of fifteen. Periods are regular with scanty flow, which last for one day. LMP: 6th Jan 07

    Physical Generals
    Appetite: good.
    Bowels: Regular
    Sweat: Profuse, Skin is oily
    Dreams: Robbers
    Desires: craving for salty things especially pickles.
    Aversion: Nothing particular.
    Sleep: Sound, feels sleepy in afternoon

    Mental Generals

       Mental state is calm, depressed and even weeps about her illness seeking mother’s sympathy, hurry in activities.

    Clinical examination:

    Pt moderately built, well nourished .No signs of anemia.
    Wt=56kg BP-110/70 mm of Hg

    Systemic examination: NAD.

    Blood: Hb%13.5gm%
    USG revealed poly cystic ovarian Disease.


    First Prescription                         9-1-2007

    Oopharinum200 /1 dose
    Followed with placebo for 10 days

    Follow Up 1                                  19-1-2007

    No itching.
    Generally feels better.
    Placebo for 10 days

    Follow Up 2                                 30-1-2007

    Pimples still persisting.
    Natrum-Mur200/3 dose
    Followed with placebo

    Follow Up 3                                  23.02.2007

    No pimples.
    Bleeding for 2 days.
    Natrum Mur 200 / 3 doses
    No complaints

       She was on placebo for further three follow-ups and on 22/03/07 the pregnancy test was positive, when advised on her missing period Refer the Plates I and II

    Conclusion: PCOD is one of the causes for Infertility, which can be treated successfully with Homoeopathic remedies understanding the constitution