August 2010|Vol 7|Issue 8

August 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 8


Homoeopathic Therapeutics and Pioneer’s
Experience in Renal Calculus


Dr.P.Meera Bai,B.H.M.S,M.D
Dr.Abhin Chandra Homoeopathic Medical College
Bhubaneswar. Ph no.-09861241783

    Therapeutic indications:
          Berberis vulgaris: Berberis is an excellent remedy when the stone is in the pelvis of kidney or in ureter. Burning, sore sensation in kidneys. Renal colic of left side. Most characteristic in Berberis is pain only in hips and loins.
    Calcarea carbonica: Gravel & stone in the bladder. Renal colic with irritable bladder. Pressing pain in the kidney, loins, aching pain in the kidney & lumbar region. White urinary sediment & milky urine. Dark, brown, sour, fetid, abundant urine is characteristic, sour smelling urine at night.

    Cantharis vesicatoria: Cantharis is a valuable remedy in the passage of renal calculi. Kidney region is sensitive, colic; cutting, contractive pains from ureters down to penis.Pains cutting, smarting or burning, biting or as if raw, causing mental excitement. Constant and intolerable urging to urinate before, during and after urination.
    Hedeoma: Pain along left ureter. Frequent urging, cutting pains. Dragging pain from kidney to bladder. Dull burning pain over left kidney. Burning irritation at neck of bladder causing frequent intense desire to urinate and inability to retain urine for more than a few minutes ameliorated by urinating. Red sand in urine.

          Hydrangea: Hydrangea has a traditional reputation as a “stone breaking”. A remedy for gravel. It acts on ureter, renal colic with bloody urine. Pain in lumbar region. Heavy deposit of mucus. Hansen adds that it is particularly useful for profuse deposit of white amorphous salts in urine. Relieves distress from kidney stones with soreness over region of kidney and bloody urine.
    Lycopodium clavatum: Kidney colic from right ureter to right bladder. Pain in back before micturating; ceases after flow; slow in coming, must strain. Retention of urine. Greasy pellicle in urine .Red sand in the urine.
    Lithium carbonicum: Uric acid diathesis. Pain in region of bladder & of right kidney. Turbid urine, scanty & mucus red deposits. While urinating pressure in the region of heart. Pain in the region of bladder extends to spermatic cord, after urination.

          Pareira brava: Excellent drug in gravel & cystic calculus, left side renal calculi. Profuse uric acid sediment & blood in the urine. Most important keynote symptom of this remedy is pain compelling, patient to go down on the hands & knees. Renal colic, prostatic affections and catarrh of bladder difficulty in passing.Pareira barava is the picture of agony of genitourinary obstruction with infection –Dr. Robert Redfierd.
    Ocimum: Clarke said: “Used in Brazil as a specific for diseases of kidney, bladder and urethra”. Renal colic with violent vomiting every fifteen minutes. Renal colic with considerable haemorrhage.Urine has brick dust sediment. Urine “Saffron colour or thick purulent with intolerable smell of musk”. Concomitant: vomiting, cries, tossing about and wringing hands.

          Polygonum: Renal colic & grinding, griping & cutting pain in abdomen. Cutting pain along ureters. Painful constriction at neck of bladder. Urine scanty, dribbling; dark or calcareous, adherent sediment.
    Senecio aureus: Small, who proved Senecio, remarks that very useful in dysuria of women & children evidentially of catarrhal origin. Renal colic heat in neck of bladder & constant urging with kidney.
    Solidago virga: Rademacher says it is very old & good kidney medicine. It has specific action on kidney & brings the patient back to the normal condition. Kidney, sore & tender over the area, feels distended. Pain in the kidney extends forwards to abdomen, bladder down the thighs. Especially at night with very scanty brown, sour urine, dark & scanty or clear stinking voided with difficulty albuminous, mucus & phosphatic urine.

    Golden Tips of Stalwarts: Renal Calculus Treatment
    1. Dr. Jahr says that Puls. Cann-I., Sarasp. Lyco. Had done wonders in his hands alleviating renal colic and facilitating the passage of stone along urethra.
    2. Dr. Jousset says that Bell & Cham are given alternation when the renal colic pain is violent.
    3. Dr. Jacob says that Ipomea-nit, for passage of stone from kidney to bladder when there is severe pain in either renal region extending down the ureter on the corresponding side. The distinctive features are that these pains excite nausea.
    4. Dr. Hempel records many cases of renal colic cured by Coccus-cacti, extend to bladder accompanied by frequent emission of dark, scanty urine.
    5. Dr. Farrington says that Cantharis relieves local irritation permitting nature to get rid of stone with less suffering to the patient.
    6. Dr. Preston used Arg nit, when there is dull aching across the small of the back, also over the region of bladder. The urine burns while passing.
    7. Dr. Clarke says that Ocimum can. Severe shooting pain in right flank extend to back, frequent micturition, urine deposits clots.
    8. Dr. Blackwood says Calcarea renalis, when used freely prevent to formation of calculi.
    9. Dr. Peyerson told Chionanthus prevents renal stones.
    10. Dr. Hering says about Terebinth prevents calculi.
    11. Dr. Boericke says Natrum phos. 1X, 4 times a day prevent calculi if oxaluria is there.
    12. Dr. Hering says inflammation of kidney & ureter after the passage of gravel Senecio aur. very useful.
    13. Robin Murphy recommended kidney stone after surgery, Calendula & Staphysagria.
    14. For uric acid diathesis Lycopodium & Fabiana imbaricata suggested by Dr.Blackwood, Lithium carb by Dr.Phatak.
    15. For uremia & increased creatinine level, Lycopodium & Phosphorus suggested by Dr.Kent.
    16. Dr.Farrington suggested drug for stone in kidney of children is Cantharis.
    17. Stone in ureter Pareira brava by Dr. C.B. Kneer, Lycopodium by Dr.Pulk & Cantharis by Dr.Farrington.
    18. Stone in bladder suggested Hydrangea by Dr.Clarke, Pulsatilla & Sarsaparilla by Dr.Roberts.
    19. Dr. C.M Boger suggests 2 drops of tincture of Polygonum sagittatum in water night & morning helps renal calculi cases immensely.
    20. Dr.Zandvoort suggests the drug for kidney surgical is Methylene blue.

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