August 2010|Vol 7|Issue 8

August 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 8

Dynamism of Lycopodium ...a short case study


Dr.K.V.Ramana, BHMS; MD (Hom)
Sri Ramana Homoeo Clinic,
Jeeyar Complex, Vizianagram
Andhra Pradesh

    A male aged 43 years presented with sudden pain in abdomen and right loin which radiated to right testes since last night. He also had painful micturation. Nausea and vomiting .I advised him to undergo a imaging study which revealed “Mild Hydronephrosis on the right side with a calculus measuring 0.37Cms in the vesicouretric Junction. (Refer Plate I dated 9-4-2010)

    He had treatment for dyspepsia and also reported recurrent urinary tract infections. His appetite, bowel habits were normal, sweat profusely all over, sleep was good and dreams were on day to day happenings. He has craving for hot food. The patient is keen, intellectual, sensitive, hurry and perfect in his duties. My prescription was Lycopdium 200 tds , which alleviated the pain. He was under placebo for 15 days.

    I continued the constitutional remedy Lycopodium 1 tds followed The ultra sonogram revealed normal study on (Refer Plate III dated 9-6-2010)