August 2010|Vol 7|Issue 8

August 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 8

A case of Nephrolithiasis with Cholelithiasis


Dr. K. Savitha, BHMS
AKP Homoeopathic Clinical & Research Centre,
#6, Lloyds IInd Lane,
Royapettah, Chennai - 600 014.
Phone : 044 - 28113300

    Clinically Cholelithiasis with Nephrolithiasis is rare in our day to day practice. This case study illustrates the dynamic understanding of the disease nature and has helped to overcome the crisis on both the ailments. Dr.K.Savitha, compiled this case study from the successful cases treated at AKP Homoeopathic Clinical and Research Centre

    A male aged 30 years software professional, consulted for gall stones and renal calculi. He presented the following symptoms

    · Pain in the right loin, radiating to genitals
    · Frequent urination with yellowish coloured urine
    · Indigestion with Nausea < after meals, fatty food
    · Sour eructation and regurgitation.

    History of presenting illness:
    The patient had sudden pain in the right loin and rushed to causality. The pain was acutely managed with some pain killers and intra muscular injection. An Ultra sonogram of abdomen was advised which is elicited with the impression of a tiny gall bladder calculus and right renal calculus with a distal ureteric calculus just above the vesico uretric junction (Refer the plate I and II)

    He had typhoid when he was 13 years and has been vaccinated for all communicable diseases. He took Homoeopathic treatment for seborrohoeic dermatitis and hair loss. History of dyspeptic symptoms with fullness of abdomen. Abdominal distension with few mouthfuls and regurgitation. He also had frequent and burning micturition.


    Father – Diabetes Mellitus since 5 years

    Appetite - Reduced
    Thirst - Normal.
    Stool - Regular.
    Urine - Frequent and burning urination but passes little at a time
    Sweat - More over axilla++
    Sleep - Disturbed.
    Food Type - Non vegetarian.
    Intolerance - Potatoes+; fatty food++
    Aversion - Meat, fish++
    Has the habit of drinking coffee.

    He is very sensitive and irritable. Shouts at his family members and workers for silly matters.

    Nephrolithiasis with Cholelithiasis

    FIRST PRESCRIPTION      20/10/06
    Lyco1M 1 dose
    Placebo for 15 days


    Lycopdium was chosen as the most similimum arriving in this case by simple consideration of the key symptoms. The remedy also has a organ affinity to the liver and urinary tract. Berberis Vulgaris Q was prescribed not only considering the specific action over urinary tract, but also the action on the gall stones. Simple prescription, based on totality has helped in this case for complete eradication of the complaints.