This month we shall see yet another popular homeopathic website,homeopathyhome.com. This site hosts hundreds of pages under various sections like-Directory, which give a comprehensive directory of homoeopathic practitioners, colleges, pharmacies and organizations.Reference, this section leads us to a reference library with online books and books to download within the site and links to numerous other homeopathic resource sites. Here you can find a treasure of homeopathic websites from all over the world arranged in an organized inventory. Services we can see a collection of links to numerous homoeopathic remedy shops, homoeopathic softwares and homoeopathic bookshops.

Discussion forum-this section of homeopathyhome, which is the biggest attraction, has now been launched as a totally new site www.otherhealth.com. Other health.com has place for everyone from novice to professionals to discuss their problems and attracts hundreds of people daily. If you have not visited yet, I think it is high time you should be doing it right now.

Reviewed by: Dr.A.Kannan MD(Hom), Trivandrum