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    Dr.M. Jothimani, leading academician and practitioner, graduated from Government Homoeopathy Medical College and had her higher studies at JSPS Govt. Homoeopathic Medial College, Hyderabad, presents the therapeutic part for Chickungunya. She was an outstanding student during post graduation and her thesis on infertility, deserves much praise.

    It is highly difficult to depict a specific group of remedy for treatment and prevention. Of course any remedy can have role in any disease depends on the indications. This is an attempt to bring out the commonly indicated remedies. In case of prevention Eupatorium perfoliatum is widely used rather abused. Eupatorium perfoliatum, is having definite and significant role in the prevention of Chikungunya, yet reports are there where it failed to prevent the disease. This is because of the blind specific prescription of the drug invariably for all the cases. The preventive medicine may vary according to the symptomatology in different locality. The Genus Epidemicus should be selected after seeing sufficient number of cases in a particular locality, Pilot study by analyzing the common presentation. The following remedies are most frequently indicated in treatment of Chikungunya so that for prevention also. The list is not exhaustive.

    Arnica montana:
    Sore lame bruised pain especially during chill, mostly in the back and shoulder. Myalgia, pain as if beaten. Pain begins in the lower extremities then ascends up, Coldness of affected parts (Led.). Heamorhagic tendency. Great fear of being touched or even approached, usually in the acute stage. Everything on which he lies seems too hard. Heat and redness of the head with coldness of the rest of the body.

    Arsenicum album:
    Initial stage where fever and sweat stage predominates. Exhaustion with great restlessness. Itching, burning, dry, rough, scaly eruption during fever. Fever blisters. Trembling and heaviness of legs especially in the morning. Desires warm drinks, and < by cold. (Mostly general symptoms lead to the prescription rather local)

    Bryonia alba:
    In the acute stage of fever where the patient reluctant to move and lies only in the bed (Usually pt. can’t come to the doctor and the attender will come for getting medicine). > by absolute rest and pressure, drinking:; < by least movement, eating. After cold days. Affecting especially large joints.

     Eupatorium perfoliatum:
    Grand remedy for the present epidemic, the Boericke’s “bone – set”. Fever with chills especially in the morning (7-9AM), preceded by thirst and great soreness and aching in the bones. Nausea, vomiting at the close of chill stage. Stiffness on lower limb on rising. Perspiration relieves all the symptom except headache. Periodicity. If no prescriptive symptoms worth trying.

     Kalmia latifolia:
    For continuous fever, pains shift rapidly. Pains shifting above downwards, from upper to lower limbs. First in the fingers (especially first finger) with slow and soft pulse. < leaning forward, looking down, motion, open air, windy stormy weather.

     Ledum palustre:
    Ascending type of pain with coldness and swelling of the affected parts. < night and heat of bed; > open air, cold application. Fleeting arthritic pains. (Usually indicated in the post squeal of the Chikungunya with H/O ascending pain in the acute stage and patient Presented with the residual ankle pains)

    Polyporus pinicola:
    Intermittent or remittent fevers, headache, yellow tongue, constant nausea, faintness in the epigastrium and constipation. (Polyporus officinalis – the other remedy of the same family used as specific for Ckikungunya – deep, dull severe pain in the shin bones, preventing sleep)

     Rhus toxicodendron:
    Pain and stiffness. Fever after getting wet while perspiration. Pains tearing in tendons, ligaments and fascia < cold fresh air. Motion always “ limbers up” ,but move constantly because of restlessness (physical) though the initial movements aggravates. < sleep, cold damp rainy Weather; > change of position, warm, stretching, motion. (Useful in pains of joints associated with Myalgia and stiffness both in acute and post sequel)

     Indications In Key Words: Acute

  • Fever, bone pain, nausea, vomiting with chills – Eup. perf.
  • Sore bruised pain, swollen joints with fear of being hurt, petechiae – Arnica.
  • Fever with anxiety, restlessness, and skin rashes, warm drinks desires – Ars. alb.
  • Severe pain that pt. can not move, receives messages over phone or other person – Bry.
  • Ascending, < open air, fleeting – Kalmia
  • Descending, > open air, fleeting (Puls.) – Led. pal.
  • Joint pain, Myalgia, stiffness, desire to move – Rhus tox.

    To Prevent Recurrence:
    The chance of recurrence for the first 6 months after the disease is more

     Constitutional remedy
· Sulphur
· Pyrogenum