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A case of Vitiligo

Dr.P.Subramaniam, M.D(hom)
C-12,Chocknathjer street
Madurai- 625006


       Dr.P.Subramanium a senior, leading practitioner practices in the temple city of Madurai since twenty-five years. He is well known to every body and he involves very interestingly in social activities. He also visits Hahnemann Homoeopathy Medical College, Rasipuram as visiting lecturer. He had authoured many articles in reputed dailies and magazines. He had presented many papers in scientific seminars.

       A boy aged 8 years was brought to me for the white discolouration of the skin all over the body since three years. His father is an office assistant and tried many treatments in vain. Finally with reference from a similar patient he had chosen homoeopathic treatment. The boy, medium complexion, medium built, studious and very active was not bothered of his illness, being very young and studying in middle school.

       His past history was free from hereditary illness and acute illness. He was not immunized in childhood. H/o skin eruptions in the fore arm two years back. His family history ruled out genetic mutation. Father is moderate hypertensive and mother diabetic.


Appetite - Decreased,
Thirst - Normal,
Stool - Normal,
Urine - Normal
Sweat - Profuse
Sleep – good
Complexion – Fair
Stature - Normal,
Dreams - daily activities

       He is non vegetarian, has the habit of tea and coffee, Desires sweets.


       Mental, intellectual state of mind is always hurry at his work, anxious, very sensitive, emotional and fastidious.

       I prescribed the trio, miasmatic drug Ars Alb 30 on 27-03-1996, daily one dose for a week time and followed with SL for three months. Moderate black spots appeared in few patches and the boy discontinued the treatment thinking, homoeopathy has no authenticated result.

       On 24-4-98, he appeared before more with great hesitation and I put him on Syphilinum 1M thinking some miasmatic block obstructing the cure. Neither progress nor further deterioration for about six months and again the boy shifted to other system of Medicine.

       On 20- 11- 2005 he was again brought by his father. He was prescribed with Ars Alb 200 one dose and I asked him to report after three months. The lesions in the upper truck was totally better and only few spots remaining and still on medication.

       Please view the photographs published at the Back Wrapper.