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A case of facial warts

Dr. Jessy Markose, BHMS
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     Homoeopathy wonders in pathological vegetations. This case history is presented from the AKP homoeopathic Clinical Research Center data. Dr. Jessy Markose complied and presented here which responded to the king of anti sycotic remedy Thuja.

     A girl aged 8 years presented warts on her face was benefited with antisycotic remedy Thuja 200. The case history is as follows
Presenting complaints

  • Warty granulations on her face since 2 years.
  • Burning micturation

    Initially a small granulation appeared on the outer canthus of her eyes, and then spread over her face. They tried cautrisation with an acid aid, nothing benefited. The lesions were dark pigmented, rough with irregular margins. Few lesions on the upper eye lid. Additionally she had burning micturation frequently.
    Past History
    She has been vaccinated. She suffered with cold and cough since her birth.
    Family History
    Father and mother are healthy. Maternal Grand father died of cancer in stomach
    Physical Generals
    Normal growth with medium complexion; appetite, bowel habits were normal. She sweated all over the body. Slept well, desired sweets,
    Mental Generals
    Intellectual state of mind is studious, calm, repeats words at end of her speech.

    Diagnosis: Facial Warts

    First prescription              16-12- 1996

  • Thuja 200 / 3 doses, od
  • Sl for 15 days

    Follow up - 1                    2-1-1997
    No changes in the lesion
  • Thuja 200 / 3 doses, od
  • Sl for 15 days

    Follow up -2                    20-1-1997
    The lesions were better, only pigmented spots
    Thuja 200 / 3 doses OD

    The photographs taken during and after treatment are given here. Also published in Visual Corner for better appreciation.


    Thuja is an antisycotic remedy which callipered the pathological vegetation with its sphere of action and its symptoms .
  • Bad effects after vaccination
  • Sweat all over the body except head
  • Frequent urinary tract infections.