December 2009 | Vol 6 | Issue12

December 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 12

Illustrative Materia Medica of External Haemorrhoids


Dr.Mahesh Raja, BHMS
Vinayaka Homoeo Clinic
1/131 A, Puliyankulam (po)
Salaiman (via), Madurai- 625011
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        Haemorrhoids are very common clinical condition in our practice. We come across various symptoms pertaining to the internal and external Haemorrhoids and various degrees in clinical presentation. Our Materia Medica is poured many remedies on Haemorrhoids with excellent illustration.

    A successful prescription needs total analysis of the patient and selection of remedy may vary from physician to physician. Many prescribe the drugs constitutionally, miasmatically or symptom totality. Few physicians are successful with key symptoms, However here I tried to illustrate the external Haemorrhoids with pictorial presentation for quick review and reanalysis in a case.

    Aesculus hippocastanum
    Aching, painful, Burning, < after stool

    Dryness, Fullness, < after walking, as if the folds of mucous membrane obstructed the passage

    Heaviness, pressure, as if the rectum would protrude on straining at stool, prolapsed feeling after stool

    Itching, in rectum

    Sticking, as if anus was full of small sticks, tenesmus, urging to stool, bearing down sensation

    Dull backache, especially in lumbo-sacral region affecting sacrum and hips, a lame feeling, < stooping forward and < walking, the back gives out when walking, must sit or lie down.

    Appearence of haemorrhoids
    Slight bleeding

    Blind, seldom bleeding

    Bluish, purple color

    Large, as large as ground-nuts


    Collinsonia canadensis

    Congestion of pelvic viscera with haemorrhoids, especially in later months of pregnancy

    Catarrh of bladder with haemorrhoids

    Aching, dull pain agg. after a hard stool


    Sticking, sensation in rectum as from sticks, sand or gravel lodged
    Appearence of haemorrhoids
    Bleeding, flowing incessantly, though not profusely. Blood dark and tough enveloped in viscid mucus
    Chronic, obstinate
    External, protruding

    Hamamelis virginica

    Aching, painful

    After a haemorrhage from the piles, he suffers from a prostration which is out of proportion to the amount of blood lost


    Fullness, before haemorrhage

    Tenesmus, urging to stool

    Appearence of haemorrhoids
    Bleeding, passive haemorrhage, profuse bleeding

    Red halo of erythema about anus

    External: Large, tumid

    Dioscorea villosa

    Aching, great pain, painful, < 6.30 a.m., 5 p.m., after stool

    Burning, during stool, on passing wind, as if faeces or flatus were hot

    Cutting, darting pain from haemorrhoids to liver d
    Appearence of haemorrhoids
    Bleeding, Bluish, livid color, purple, ark, Discharge, mucous, slimy
    External, prolapsed haemorrhoids, agg.
    Large, like grapes around the anus, like cherries.


    Aching, painful

    Burning, before loose stool, during loose stool, like fire

    Sensitiveness, agg. touch

    Tenesmus, straining and pressing

    Appearence of haemorrhoids
    Discharge, oozing, External, protrusion

    Ruta graveolens

    Stinging, stitches in the rectum, < when sitting

    Tenesmus, frequent unsuccessful urging to stool

    Constipation alternating with mucous, frothy stool.
    Appearence of haemorrhoids
    Prolapsus, protrusion of the rectum, immediately on attempting a passage, before stool

    Aloe socotrina
    Burning heat > applying cold water < during stool, after stool

    Fullness, Heaviness, of rectum < after stool, dragging down during menses, pressing out

    Itching and burning in anus, preventing sleep
    Open, as if loose sensation in anus

    Paralysis, as of loss of power of sphincter, feeling as if stool would escape < passing flatus, voiding urine, even a hard stool falls out unnoticed

    Tenesmus, urging to stool, < on waking in morning, at night, after eating, on rising from lying, waking him up in the morning. As if there was more stool to come after defaecation

    Appearence of haemorrhoids
    Large, like a bunch of grapes, swollen, < in daytime