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December 2009 | Vol 6 | Issue 12

December 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 12

Negundium Americanum Q


   Nux vomica, Nitric acid and Sulphur has given excellent results in Haemorrhoids. Aesculus Hip, Ratanhia, Paeonia are also useful symptomatically . Negundium Americanum Q is helpful and beneficial even in prolapsed piles.

Dr.N.Subramanium M.D(hom), Sugam Homoeo Clinic, Trichy Main Road, Salem Mobile:9443321318



    A female aged 40yrs came with the complaints of bleeding haemorrhoids and fissures in anus. She experienced intense burning pain losting for an hour after passing stool. There was dribbling of 2-3 drops of blood after stool. She was embarrassed and shy to elaborate her complaints. Embarrassment and burning is the main key point of Sulphur. I gave Sulphur 30/ 1D. Bleeding and burning pain completely stopped, fissures are healed.


Dr.S.Arulmanickam, BHMS, Velumathi classical Homoeo clinic, Abdul Rhaguman Road, Koothanallur
Ph: 9843134564




   A young person with the complaints of Haemorrhoids came to me. More bleeding < eggs and spicy food. In this case many contradictory symptoms pointed towards prescription of Ignatia. Ravenous hunger and emptiness of stomach even after eating. Sleeps only four hours, yet active throughout the day. No weakness in spite of copious bleeding. Ignatia brought prompt relief within a fort-night.

Dr.Shailendra R.Waghmale Homoeopath, Tanilanga Dist, Latur (mm), Phone: 09890119523


Nux Vomica
Dr.Anand Prasad

    Haemorrhoids are presented clinically in mixed miasmatic conditions. Usually Nux vomica will be the primary drug and Nitric acid completes the action in many cases. Ineffectually urge for stool is a common symptom in majority of the cases. For acute bleeding Blumea odorata-Q.will be beneficial.


Dr.Anand Prasad, B.H.M.S, Begusarai



Dr. Kamal Kishore FrasadVarma


   A 65 years old man was suffering from bleeding piles since two years. He was dirty and desired for salted food. I prescribed Psorinum 200 one dose and concluded with the Natmur1M . The patient was free from all his complaints within a month . Now the patient was free from all complaints.

Dr. Kamal kishore frasad varma, M/s, Varma pharmacy ladaura via-kalyanpur Ehauk, Samastzpur (Bihar), Mob:09934917163


Nitric acid
Dr.Priyanka Madan

    A 45 yrs old female was suffereing from piles since 10 years, developerd after delivery.She suffered with protruding blind piles during defaecation and she gave the history of constipation. The parts were very sensitive and painful. The drug Nitric acid 30 brought prompt and complete relief to the patient.


Dr.Priyanka Madan , BHMS,839, Sanjivini Nagar,Garha, Jabalpur, Madya Pradesh, Pin : 482003




   A male aged 40 years consulted me for the complaints of pain in the rectum< after stool. constipation very difficult to pass stool, more itching, suspecting haemorrhoids. I prescribed causticum 200 OD for 3 days based on the symptom totality, the patient was all right within 10 days; he said there was no pain and also no itching. Causticum is excellent remedy for large haemorrhoids’ impeded in rectum.

Dr. R. Lakshmipathy Prabhu, BHMS, Chromepet, Chennai - 600044. Mobile: 9962681421


Calendula Q
Dr.Harmeen Bhatia

    I have successfully used Acid nitricum, Sulphur, Nux vomica, Aesculus hippocastinum, Thuja, Silicea Haemamelis in the treatment of haemorroids based on the symptom similarity . In all cases I advice patient to sit in a tub of warm water mixed with 15-20 drops of calendula Q . This provides instant relief to pain and soreness of anus.


Dr.Harmeen Bhatia, BHMS, 172, Sainikvihar, Near Ranibagh, Pitampura, Delhi-1100034
Phone : 0112-7032742