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Winner- November10


    Dr. Prakash M. Joshi, Gujarat, has won the lucky draw for this month diagnostic quiz. He is awarded with a stethoscope and an appreciation certificate.

Runner- November 10


    Dr. Anuradha Raja, Tamil Nadu has been selected as lucky runner to receive an excellence certificate for this month diagnostic quiz.

Answers- November10
Visual Quiz -  Third Cranial Nerve Palsy
Clinical Quiz - 

Left Pleural Effusion

Anamnesis - 

Baryta Carb

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Diagnostic Quiz



Diagnose this condition



2.Radiological Quiz

    A twenty four years old female with primary infertility underwent routine check up . The Hysterosalphingogram was advised and the image is given here for your impression


    A female aged 51 years presented with pain and swelling in both the legs. She was diagnosed with Varicose veins by Doppler study one year back. She has bursting unbearable pain on hanging down the legs and feels better by keeping the legs elevated over pillow. She added the complaints of cramps in legs. She had past history of jaundice. On examination her veins are swollen in both the legs.

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