December 2010|Vol 7|Issue 12

December 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 12

Miasms In Practice

Dear Readers,
       Homoeopathic practice needs in depth analysis, correct prescription to recover and cure the patient most rapidly. A physician achieves the goal by understanding the real face of disease and its expression is tackled by a suitable drug. The drug of choice frequently varies to another physician since it is an art and the way also differs like individuality.

           A simple prescription based on a key note symptom, constitutional totality, a pathological similiumum are normally adopted by our colleagues. Some physicians are dedicated to understanding the in-depth by reportorial totality. We are happy if the case is responding to our prescription; if no response we analyze the case at various angles and raise a question on the prescription part that whether we had prescribed the right one to the patient.
           Hahnemann has pondered this difficulty and contributed the theory of Chronic Disease to our prestigious system of medicine to excel wonderful cures to the world. He contributed the world by understanding the three culprits the Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis.
There was unique debate on miasmatic theory in understanding since there was specifics like Sulphur, Thuja, Mercurius like which contravene the totality of symptoms and understanding the vital force. But practically he direct us to understand the totality, interpret, prescribe considering the active miasmatic state to recover the case more rapidly.
           Today we understand that his writings are surprisingly coincides with the emergence of cellular pathology and the disturbances can be explained in relation with miasms. Psora can be explained in terms of Sensitization of a cell, Sycotic Miasm can be explained in terms of Proliferation and Syphilitic miasm as Degeneration
           The modern science has advanced with various disciplines, the public also accustomed to it. Knowledge of disease to a homoeopath is absolutely essential than a modern medicine practitioner, since we treat the person by understanding the disease. A correct prescription on miasmatic analysis will cure the patient more rapidly and also gains name in the cases with irreversible pathology.

with regards