December 2010|Vol 7|Issue 12

December 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 12


A Case of Multiple Renal Calculi with Ovarian Cyst


Dr. Prabhakaran. K. DHMS
Rowriah Health Clinic, Nefatinali
Jorhat Air Field,

       Dr. K.Prabhakaran is a leading practitioner practices at Assam state, India. He had contributed many scientific articles, clinical Experiences to the Scientific Homoeopathic Journals. Here he gives a case of Multiple renal calculus with ovarian Cyst.

       A female aged 17 years presented pain abdomen since 4 months and irregularity in periods. The menstrual discharge was profuse, dark, clotted and had leucorrohoea. She also had burning pain during discharges.
    She was advised for an Ultra Sonogram for the abdomen, which impressed that
    1. Left Kidney – Multiple Calculus
    2. Right Ovarian Cyst – 45mm x 29.1 mm
    (Refer Plate I )

    Past History
    Pneumonia – In Childhood, 2 times between the ages 3-5 years
    Frequent attack of hyperacidity with dyspepsia controlled by antacids
    Urinary tract infection with E-Coli, 2 times controlled by antibiotics

    Family History
    Father – Diabetic on Insulin
    Mother – Hypertensive on Amlodipin

    Mental Generals
    As per her mother’s narration she is very short tempered, gets angry if anybody points out any thing and often presents swinging moods at home .

    Physical Generals
    Craving for sweets
    Aversion – Meat (Developed due to recurrent digestive problems after meat)
    Menses regular, but dark and clotted blood
    Leucorrhoea – Burning

    Boring pain in right ovarian region intermittently

    Repertory Analysis (Kent)
    · Mind- Anger, Irritability – Contradiction from
    · Mind- Contradiction intolerant of
    · Mind- Mood – Changeable- variable
    · Stomach – Desire- Sweets
    · Stomach – Aversion – Meat
    · Female Genitalia - Menses – Clotted, dark
    · Female Genitalia - Leucorrhoea –Acrid – Excoriating
    · Female Genitalia - Pain ovaries, boring- right
    · Urine- Sediment - Renal Calculi


    Pathological – Multiple left Renal Calculus
                       Right Ovarian Cyst (45mm x 29.1 mm)
    Homoeopathic (Reportorial Totality) - Lycopodium
                       Prominent Miasm - Sycotic

    First Prescription                    09.08.2009
    Lycopodium 30 /BD/ 15 days
    Placebo 15 days

    Follow Up- 1                             12.09.2009
    No change reported in any level
    Lycopodium 200 /BD/ 15 days
    Placebo 1 month

    Follow Up- 2                             15.11.2009
    Anger and mood swinging reducing
    Menses normal, Leucorrhoea reduced
    Pelvic Discomfort persists- Right
    Lycopodium 200 /BD/ 15 days
    Placebo 15 days

    Follow Up- 3                             20.12.2009
    Mood swinging rarely now.
    Leucorrhoea stopped, Menstrual discharge normal
    Slight discomfort in pelvic region – right
    Lycopodium 1 M /OD/ 15 days
    Placebo 1 month
    Asked to come with USG after the course of medicine

    Follow Up- 4                             13.03.2010
    Patient totally asymptomatic
    Follow up with ultrasonography report
    USG Report – Normal liver, GB, KUB, Uterus, Ovary.
    (Refer Plate II)