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December 2010|Vol 7|Issue 12

December 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 12

Dr. A.Victor Dass


   I treated a case of recurrent Urticaria . The symptoms are severe itching all over the body. The rashes are reddish wheel like, which always occur during rainy weather. Initially I prescribed Rhus Tox 6 hourly dose, gradually the lesions disappeared and reappeared again. I considered the psoric background in this case and I prescribed a dose of Sulphur 1M .There is no recurrence of the complaints so far.

Dr.A.Victor Dass, M.D(hom), 1069,EVN T Road, Erode 636009 Mobile: 9443305989


Allergic Rhinitis

  A thirty years old male presented the symptoms of recurrent sneezing < morning, while washing his face. No history of allergic skin disease or familial diathesis. I suspected the psoric manifestation in this case and the modality helped me to understand the correct picture of the drug. I simply prescribed Sulphur 200 tds for one day and followed with placebo. He was better with the complaints and I repeated every month for six months. The patient reported no complaints so far.


Dr.Sasirekha, BHMS, Block No: 561,Avenue 10,#07-1804, Ang Mo Kio Singapore, ZIP 560561


Dr. Jessy Markose


   I treated a case of Hypothyroidism with Anti psoric drug Calc Carb 1M successfully. The patient was forty three years old, presented with scanty periods and gain in weight. Her thyroid profile stated elevated TSH level and moderate low readings in T3 and T 4 levels. I considered her deficiency and understood the psoric Miasm is dominant in this case. I prescribed the drug and repeated at monthly intervals. After four months her blood profile was normal and periods was normal in all aspects.

Dr.Jessy Markose, BHMS, Mettumpurath (H), Munnanadu (P.O), Ayyankolly, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India, Pin : 643239


Dr. M.S. Bagavathy

    A child aged four, was brought with the complaints of recurrent tonsillitis .Physical examination revealed the cervical lymph glands enlargement on both sideds of the neck and his tonsils were swollen on both sides and follicles were surrounded with pustules. My first prescription was Hepar Sulp 6 tds for one week and I concluded with a precrisption of a tuberculinum 1M since the patient presented the psora syphilitic miasms.


Dr. M.S. Bagavathy, BHMS, 1 / 32 Western Street,Thalakulam,Neyyoor PO,Kanyakumari , 629802
Mobile : 9994768342