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    Dr.Alfons Geukens, M.D, is one of the most fascinating Homoeopathic speaker in the world. He practises in Belgium and also runs a Centre for Classical Homoeopathy, which is playing a active roll in the education and expansion of classical homeopathy.

    Dr. Geukens' seminars are very popular and well attended. He usually goes to the nuts and bolts of Homoeopathic prescribing with stimulating video cases. His video lecture series on Materia Medica are innovative and presents high quality teaching material for those who are dedicated to becoming skilled classical homeopaths.

      Several years ago, Alfons Geukens began his lecture series for the Dutch speaking countries. The next year, he began a second complete course for the German speaking countries. The popularity of these seminars among European homeopaths has resulted in plans for additional series for the French and the Italians.

      Drawing upon his extensive video library of cured cases, the seminar format includes presentation of video segments exemplifying specific remedies under study. Each session focuses on several major remedies and numerous smaller ones. Dr.Geukens presents up to one dozen video cases of the remedy to point out graphically the similarities and differences that an individual remedy can assume. Each seminar is also sprinkled with rare and infrequently prescribed remedies.

      Dr.Geukens uses the cases as a springboard for discussing remedies, methods of prescribing, and homeopathic philosophy. His comments on differential diagnosis and comparative materia medica highlight the symptoms that each case presents. Above all, it is a very practical course, emphasizing the clinical application of knowledge of Materia Medica and the Repertory as well as development of skills for precise observation.


Observation of patients, their statements and symptoms, are converted to rubrics, demonstrating a deeper, more thorough use of the repertory as a vital part of the homeopathic process. The student's confidence is increased through use of the repertory, and the many references to it, during the seminar and video presentations, because this reinforces the facts that the repertory is indeed the window to the understanding of the patient's remedy state.

      Once he said, "I never prescribe on mental symptoms. Take the case; perceive the totality of symptoms with special emphasis on strange, rare and peculiar symptoms- the characteristic of the case that Hahnemann discusses in paragraph 153 of the Organon".
Dr. Geukens was born on September 30, 1944, in Balen.

He can be contacted at

 "Homeopathic Center"
  12 - Septemberstraat ,
  19, B- 3940 Hechtel

Phone : 32 11 73 32 71
Email : info@geukens.net
Website : www.geukens.net


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