In the little town of Kotayam-Kerala, you disembark from a rickshaw at an address you are holding in your hand, and then realize you’ve been a fool to waste half an hour hunting for the address, when all you had to do was say ‘Dr Patel’ at the railway station. If there is an ounce of desire to know anything about Homoeopathy, then this is THE door to knock at. Dr. Ramanlal. P.Patel, Recipient of Dr Hahnemann Memorial National Award-2000, Great Master Award-2003, Lifetime Achievement award-2003 a keen observer, a compassionate physician & a vociferous teacher, is a name, which goes hand in hand with Homoeopathy.

      Dr. Patel has climbed the ladder in Homoeopathy from a student at the Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical college to have been on the scientific advisory committee-CCRH, Panel of Health, Planning commission-Govt.of India, and many more to state. At every step, he has not just received something from Homoeopathy, but has always given something more to Homoeopathy. Having headed and retired from many prestigious posts in the world of Homoeopathy, he has chosen never to stagnate.

      On the contrary, his relentless work has only been gaining constant momentum. He opened up the crux of the 6th edition of Organon, by bringing forth the 50 Millesimal potency. with decades of hard tedious work, he has given to Homoeopathy, masterpieces like ‘The Art of case taking and practical Repertorisation in Homoeopathy’, ‘My Experiments with 50 Millesimal Scale Potencies’, ‘Chronic Miasms their cure and classification of their Repertorial Rubrics in Dr. Kent’s Repertory’, ‘Dr.Kent’s Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, Corrected and Improved Sixth American edition after 50 years of Research work with a complete new layout ’ and many more. And yet…. a learner forever, always diligently taking down notes from whoever it be, a senior practitioner, a junior practitioner or even a beginner. In a nutshell, one can study Homoeopathy anywhere, but one can FEEL, one can PALPATE Homoeopathy, with Dr R.P Patel.


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