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Dr. Kumar M. Dhawale M.F(Hom)

     Dr. Kumar M. Dhawale. Member, Board of Directors, Central council of Homoeopathy  is a leading academician and a well known physician practicing at Mumbai since 1983. He was born on 27th October 1953. His educational career started with graduation of MBBS at Mumbai in 1977; DPM, CPS in 1980. Then with M.D. (Psych Med) at Mumbai in 1980 and M.F.Hom at London in 1983. He is the Trustee of Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Trust and Principal of Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute, Palghar

He serves in various academic and research positions like Member, PG Board of Studies in Homoeopathy, MUHS, Nashik, Consultant, Psychiatry Research projects, CCRH, New Delhi, Member, Clinical Research Committee, CCRH, New Delhi (2012-15), Chairman, Ethical Committee, RRI Mumbai Unit, CCRH, Chairman, Research and Ethical Committee, Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Trust, PhD Guide in Psychiatry at MUHS, Nashik etc.
     His publications includes 2 papers on the “Clinical Interview” and “Small group teaching” contributing to the ICR Symposium; Contributed to the ICR Operational Manual, a Manual giving the methodology for the use of the Standardized Clinical Record. Edited and contributed to the Homoeopathy section of the “Principles of Integrated Medicine” published by Tata Mcgraw Hill Pvt. Ltd., 2002 etc.
     He is the recipient of many awards and honours like “Hahnemann Memorial Award” by the Chandrapur Association of Homoeopaths in 2001, National Hahnemannian Award by the Research Society of Homoeopathy, Lucknow in 2003; Recipient for contribution to Homoeopathy by Father Muller’s Charitable Institutions, Mangalore; Dr. B. K. Sahani Memorial Award, Patna 2010

He can be contacted at
Dr. Kumar M. Dhawale, MF (Hom)
801, Horizon Apt. 285
5th Road, Chembur,
Mumbai, Maharastra- 400071
Phone: 022-25214217; 25215170
E-mail: icrkumar@gmail.com