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Platina lady… fully developed by life & living

- Dr.Kishore Metha

     Mrs. MK, 28 years old female, housewife, residing at Kurla-Case No 123

Chief complaints :

  • Pain in vertex extending to occiput since 2-3 years (after 2nd delivery) and giddiness
  • Pain < evening, climbing, bending; > sitting, moving
  • Numbness of legs and hands - < sleep, sitting Eyesight decrease

Personal History :

Craving, Aversion    - nothing specific
Thirst                   - drinks a lot of water, 2-3 liters
Urine                    - every 1-2 hourly
Stool                    - constipated, sometimes
Perspiration           - hands, legs, face < walking
Sleep                   - Very less
Menses                - Menarche - 14 years
Cycle                  - 6-7/30 days, profuse, dark red, after loop - heavy
Leucorrhoea         - before menses, thick, sticky, white or brown
Obstetric history   - G3 P3 A0 L3, 3 sons - FTND
Thermals             - prefers rainy seasons, winter. Can't tolerate hot                             weather
Bath                   - according season 00
Fan                    - through out

Life Space:

      Patient comes from a royal family; she is a daughter of a Hindu - Vaishnav priest. Born and brought up lavishly resulting in high standards of living. Were staying in a Haveli.

      During her childhood, mother and father always had tension between them during which she used to cry and felt that if this is the result of marriage, I don't want to marry. She said that I always wanted them to be together and tell them not to divorce with crying. As an individual they were good mother and father but never good partner. My father always used to take us out during vacations. Her father was strict and she used to get scared of fathers shout and then she used urinate while standing. She never used to go to bathroom alone.

      In school she used to forget of family tension. She was very good in studies. Always stood 1st in class till 5th, 6th standard and then 3rd & 4th rank .She used to work as head girl, go to principal and talk and talk with peon. She was talkative, used to talk nicely with every one. She could easily make friendships and even she had fight she would again talk to them. She always used to keep her things properly and even shared with her sister. She had no fear of exams in fact she was always first in solving the paper and used to be happy about that.

     In 10th std., got only 57% and the other boy of the same school who was dumb got 75%. During that year there was some leak out and due to her less percentage, she was in depression and felt that she should have died. She didn't even go out of home for 2 months for how she will show her face to people with the percentage. During that period she felt what is my future now. Then she took admission in S.N.D.T. college for B.Sc Home science and again in H.S.C. she didn't gave her exams of Chemistry. At the age of 17, a boy (Ganesh) came to see her and proposed her and she said to him, "tumahra aukat kya hai mere samne" and whenever she used to see him she used to get angry. But later on they became good friends but never had love affair with him.

     She then joined fashion designing and completed. She wanted to do a job after that but her father did not allow. But she could not rebel. She even wanted to open a shop with her friend but her father didn't give her money. She felt very bad that he spends a lot on him but doesn't gave me money to settle my life and felt that a girl is a machine to give birth to children and then she got more interested in Ganesh.

     Her father wanted that she should not talk to boys because they will rape you or misuse you. He didn't even allow them to wear nighties or pants. She felt very bad and thought that what father is telling has he any sense or not but she never had the courage to tell him, but they used to wear western dress with the help of mother and change them before her father comes home. During that time she had a dream of bitch and she is sitting in her legs and dancing with ghosts. Her father was very shrewd and used to beat with ruler. Mother used to frighten her, when they did not take milk, by the name of Sattam Singh, and she used to show them a (triangle) on the opposite building and besides that there was small and this used to appear to her as Sattam Singh.

     Her mother sent some people to beat Ganesh and she saw that and then she said that I will marry him only other wise, I will marry him only because you bit him because of your position and inhumanity. At that time also she had no attraction but she married only because of her obstinacy. Her husband was not very good in his looks but she said he could over come this by his good nature and understanding. Her father did her marriage ritually. But after marriage also her father continued to torture her by saying that she is slaying that she is slaying in 'jhopadi' or has middle class family. He made her write that she will be back in 3 months and then they will not accept her at that time. Her father advised her to have some source of second income and he asked her to mortgage house and ornaments, which she has obtained back because of increase in share price. I have all comfort at my husband's house, she said my mother provided me support and she bought house for me, but father is still behind me. Now, I get frustrated listening to his voice. My father gives to elder sister's children but not to my children even though I help him when he needs. I still can't understand whether my father is doing out of love or position.

A Model ... Platina

     Her father in law is a drunkard and smoker. In the business her husband and father in law are partners. They had mortgaged her house and ornaments. But when the business went into loss her father in law withdrew the partnership, she said my father in law played a secured game with her because she had money. At present her mother is also demanding back the house and money. She asked PP why they behave like this and said that people respect only money; they see a person on face value and behind. She said, I feel I am very simple, I put only little lipstick and sindoor and still if I look good then what I should do, but I always wear a smile on my face, "A lady in not complete with out a smile even if you are ugly beauty lies with smile." I cry a lot but now I only will have to help my husband, I now have become stronger, more positive. I now help people. I give good saree to my servant.

     4 years back because of mother and father, I had bad relation with my husband and we were separated from my husband for 9 months and at that time she was carrying a baby and she was very much depressed. There is a family doctor who is Muslim and was a good friend of us and liked me. I used to go to him daily because of dyspnoea, which is < in evening, but at that time there was money problem so I couldn't give money to him. At that time doctor was also very depressed as he was a divorcee. He was attracted towards me. After delivery, one day Dr. came in my house and gave me injection and caught my hand. I got scared and told him to go, he realized and went. After this incidence I used to get trembling even passing from his clinic. I had started liking him because my husband was outside; I told Dr. that we could be good friends. I told him to marry again. I feel guilty that not physically but mentally I was wrong at that time in liking Dr. I feel why people hurt them whom they love, I feel not to degrade some one, I feel there should be way out, I like to help people and come up in their life. I feel dirty of people who degrade others. (Laughed loudly)

      Before pregnancy, she had dream that he (doctor) is there and he is pulling me from my husband and this incidence occurred 11/2 year after when her husband was not there.

      She asked Dr. why people love? Everything in this world is temporary. I will define love for you…


  • Dead bodies
  • Somebody following her
  • Stools
  • Somebody raping her

Physical Examination:


All jerks - normal

     This patient was cured of her pains with Platina 1 M 1dose only. She was also given counseling and made aware of her attitude and disposition which she accepted with resistance after 3 weeks of follow up.

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