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A case of atopic dermatitis…Kali sulph

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        Dr.S.Saravanan, senior Lecturer, Department of Materia Medica, in Vinayaga Missions Homoeopathy Medical College, Salem and well-known physician in the steel city Salem has presented a chronic case history on Atopic Dermatitis, responded to Kali Sulp. He is a best academician and clinician, has written many articles in many scientific journals.

A boy aged 13 years was brought to me for the following complaints

  • Crusty yellow scaly eruption on face, scalp, both extremities and back since 13 years
  • Frequent coryza and sneezing aggravated by cold.

History of presenting illness

        The boy had reddish patches over the face and neck with fever. The complaint accompanied with diarrhoea. Local applications suppressed the lesions and fever also subsided. After few days vesicular lesion started which turned into pustules. They became very crusty and covered with yellowish scabs, oozing a thin, non offensive watery fluid. Itching is mild and aggravated night. Hair mating is another complaint noted without hair loss

Past History

        The boy had yellowish agglutination in the eyes every day morning, noticed immediately after birth. This aroused suspicion of opthalmia neonatorum, since the family history elicited with exposure .The boy also had discharges from his ears.

Family History :

        Father has frequent urinary complaints and apthous ulcers. he had extra marital relationship with many ladies. Mother also complained frequent vaginal discharges with urinary complaints. Had suffered severe urticaria < dust and pollen. Sister had suffered from similar episodes in childhood. None of the paternal and maternal relation have suffered from Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Tuberculosis and cancer

Personal history :

  • Non vegetarian
  • No physical deformities other than nystagmus but mentally sluggish does not know to write; to speak with others; while questioning becomes shy and answers, slowly cannot understand clearly, patient is not talking clearly, speech therapy, given at Jipmer hospital, pondicherry. Poor memory, obstinate, fair complexion, tall slender body; frequent cracks over upper & lower lips.

physical generals :

  • Non vegetarian
  • Ambithermic
  • Good appetite
  • Regular bowel habits
  • Normal thirst & urine
  • Increased perspiration in face
  • Have good sleep with no dreams

local examination :

        Enlarged cervical lymphnodes, nodular, firm painless.

treatment history :

        Had treatment a various hospitals, finally at Jipmer Hospital, Pondicherry. They diagnosed as Erythroderma secondary to Atopic Seborrheic Dermatitis. Topical applications and internal medications were tried.


         The blood parameters are normal and imaging studies for abdomen also normal


Case Analysis & Totality :

  1. Sycosis -Chronic desquamation, scaly, crust formation.
  2. Gonorrhoea - Family history of
  3. Opthalmia neonatorum followed by nystagmus
  4. Frequent otorrhoea
  5. Thin, watery, yellow discharge
  6. Dullness of mind, sluggish, difficulty of thinking and comprehension.
  7. Skin - yellow, crusty, scaly, eruption with oily base.

Rubrics (Kent Repertory) :                                                                         Page.No.

1. Generality - Sycosis -                                                                                        -1406
2. Mind - Dullness- Sluggish difficulty of thinking, comprehension
3. Ear - Discharge -Yellow
4. Skin - Eruption - discharge yellow
5. Skin - Eruption - crusty yellow
6. Skin - Eruption - scaly yellow
7. Skin - Eruption - Desquamation
8. Face - cracks - Lips
9. Eye - Nystagmus

After repertorisation, among the choice of the drugs five, Kali sulph was selected

  First Prescription                                               23-12-2002

Rx    Kali Sulph 30C tds for one week
        A photograph was taken, Refer the back wrapper

  Follow Up 1                                                        14-2-2003

        Scales +
Rx    Placebo

  Follow Up 2                                                          20-5-2003

        No changes
Rx    Kali sulph 30 / 3 dose

  Follow Up 3                                                           22-8-2003

        Eruption reduced
        Scales reduced
        Ear discharge - stopped
Rx    Placebo

  Follow Up 4                                                          11.07.03

    No eruption
    Scar marks reduced
    Thyroidinum -1M-1 dose

        The patient is better no recurrence so far and still on placebo and under observation

Discussion and Conclusion

        Kali sulph is an efficacious remedy in case of chronic exfoliative skin disorders with a strong sycotic base.


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