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Tarentula …in Alopecia areata

Dr.Rajeev Chaudhari MD(Hom) Psychiatry
“Chaudhari Niwas”
Shastri Nagar,
Civil Lines Budaun 203601 (UP)
Ph No. 09410022111


       Dr. Rajeev Chaudhari is a young Homoeopathic post graduate in Psychiatry. He is interested in presenting the cases with evidence based documents, which is essential to day for the development of Homoeopathy. Here he presents a case of alopecia areata treated with Tarantula Hispanica

       A thirty two year old male was suffering from patchy loss of hair from scalp since 8 years. The photograph of scalp was taken for clinical assessment. The patient had already tried various mode of treatment including various hair oils and shampoo without any improvement. The family history of the patient revealed that his father was having same problem which was cured by homoeopathy. Initially he was not benefited by long homoeopathic treatment, it despaired him a lot.

       The case of the patient was taken thoroughly and was repertorized by Kent Repertory. After listening his complete narration, I came to know that during his work he used to listen to music loudly which according to him gives peace and concentration to work.

       After completing the work on demand he was always afraid as if the costumer will discard it and abuse. I also observed involuntary motion of his hand during conversation as if he is still stitching something. He was also suffering from constipation since 8 years.

    After case taking the following rubrics were selected for Repertorization.
  • Desire music
  • Gesture hands motion involuntary as if knitting
  • Delusion as if he is insulted.
  • Fear of death.
  • Dreams of death.
  • Chilly patient.
  • Desires salt.
  • Constipation.

    After repertorization Tarentula Hispanica was selected for prescription.

    First Prescription    16-02-07
       Tarentul hispanica 30/ single dose
       Placebo/ 30 days

    Follow Up -1       19-03-07
       No change on scalp was observed although was feeling mentally better and slight relief in constipation was reported. Placebo was repeated for one month.

    Follow Up -2       18-04-07
       Hair growth was seen on scalp, constipation was much better so placebo was repeted for one month.

    Follow Up -3       18-05-07

       Further progress in hair growth was not observed constipation was ok. Tarentula hispanica 200 ( single dose) was given followed by placebo for 01 month.

    Follow Up -4       25-06-07
       Hair growth was much better, no constipation was reported for last 02 month. Placebo was given for 01 month

    Follow Up -5       30-07-07
       Hair growth was much better no constipation was reported. So placebo for 02 months was given with the advice to stop the treatment.
       Final photograph of the scalp was taken.


       Patchy loss of hair from scalp was completely cured after 5 and ½ months of homoeopathic treatment

Before Treatment
After Treatment