Roberto Petrucci M.D.
      Dr. Roberto Petrucci is world's renowned physician and an internationally recognized speaker. He was graduated in Medicine and Surgery at University of Milan. He had contributed many articles, presentations and publications to homoeopathic community. His travels include Belgium, Czech Republic, Dubai, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland.
He lives in Italy, where he practices and educates his students at the University of Aquila and for the Italian Homeopathic Federation. He chairs as President of the centre for Homeopathy, Milan (Italy). Founder and President of the Association "CENTRO DI OMEOPATIA” of Milan, now he charges as Director, Italian Federation of Homeopathic Doctors (FIAMO).

He is the author of
      · Paediatric Repertory
      · Children concepts
      · Children: Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertorial symptoms

      This book of Materia Medica has 543 Remedies with 2840 symptoms grouped in themes and concept, edited in Italian, English and German Spanish and Japanese to be published in Portuguese, French and Russian.

      Dr. Petrucci has a proven track record as a dynamic teacher; Roberto's knowledge of the repertory is extraordinary and his method of case analysis and management will be a stimulating experience, even for advanced practitioners.
      He can be contacted at
      Centre for Homeopathy Milan
      (Centro di Omeopatia)
      Viale Ca&146; Granda 2
      20162 Milano Italy
      Tel + 39 02 6474641
      Fax + 39 02 64746474
      Website :

- Dr. Jessy Markose, BHMS