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Introduction :

     Nephrolithiasis is very common ailment, which draws more attention in our regular practice. Marvelous results had been obtained in the treatment of Renal and Uretric calculi. Author had presented a case of recurrent urinary corroborated well with symptom similarity. The patient had very good improvement, the direction of cure assures his confidence.

     A lean, tall gentleman aged about 37 years working as a clerk for southern Railways consulted me for his recurrent urinary calculi. He had been to casualty about three times and got admitted for acute abdominal pain. Periodical scan study revealed stones in the Renal pelvis and Ureteric pathways. He was treated with I.V fluids, painkillers and diuretics. He tried other alternative Indian Medicine therapy for sometime.

     When he made out his first consultation, he was suffering with severe acute pain .He looked very pale, anxious and cold sweating on face. His hands are clammy. He narrated typical renal colic on right side, which radiated back on right side and traveling to the scrotum on the same side. Micturation was so painful during and passed mild yellowish colour on periodical attacks.

      Meanwhile his wife had conferred that he is very nervous, hard worker, irritable and intelligent. He had been treated for primary complex in childhood and also suffers from frequent gastric upsets.

     I immediately suggested a ultra sonogram for KUB, revealed that the following inference


" Multiple small calculi each measuring around 0.3 cm are seen in the right kidney
A calculus measuring around 1 cm is seen in the lower calyx of the left kidney
Multiple calculi each measuring around 0.4cm are seen in upper and middle calyx"

- (Refer Scan Report -1)


  • Lyc 30 three doses for three days
  • Beriberis Vulgaris Q 15 drops three times a day.

     The pain is managed with

  • Mag-P 6C
  • Sang 6C
  • Coloc 6C

     During the course of treatment he showed a stone that he voided after very severe pain. I realised that some improvement can expected in imaging studies and referred him to anther study


USG studied as follows
Two calculi measuring 0.6cm &0.9cm are seen in lower calyx of left kidney

- (Refer Scan Report -2)


  • Lyc 1m

     Meanwhile he had no pain and ignorant of his complaint , then he had a casual check up


Intravenous Pyelogram

" Normal study"

- (Compare the X-Ray Report-3)

     Still the patients is on Lycopdium1m on monthly intervals and the recurrence of calculi is being monitored

Facet of symptoms for prescription :

  • Lean, weak, irritable, intelligent and fault finding
  • Pain on right side radiating to left with great urging
          < before urinating,
          > 4-8 pm
  • Suffers from gastric ailments flatulence, sour eructation
  • Past history of primary complex in childhood
  • Familial diathesis for gout
  • Urine - yellowish, scalding,
  • Sore pain in the right shoulder

     I prescribed Lycopodium as it constitutionally fits well for the patient and also the referred pain of left ureteric calculi had started from right to left. Even though the management of pain was little difficult. I prescribed the above remedies on symptom similarity. I hope that this patient will not have any recurrence as the prognosis had shown as per our principles.

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