Jan 2011|Vol 8|Issue 1

A case of Myocetoma


Prof.Dr. Winston Vargheese, a leading academician and clinician had been graduated from Fr. Muller Homoeopathic Medical College, Mangalore and Post Graduation from Vinayaka Misson's Homoeopathy Medical College, Salem. He had authored many articles in scientific Journals and also presented many scientific papers in conferences. He can be contacted at Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College, Kulasekharam , Kanyakumari Dist. Mobile:9443692478 Email: drwinston@bsnl.in


 Mr. A, aged 63 years presented with the complaints of non healing multiple ulcers for a period of four years over the left leg in the calf region. There used to be occasional burning and a watery sticky discharge. Since three days patient has also developed itching all over the body with burning which is < early morning 3- 4 am, < warmth and sweating and > by cold bathing. He is also having burning micturation. Patient has also got fullness of abdomen which is < eating as soon as.
For the ulcer he has taken allopathic and ayurvedic treatment which gives a temporary relief, but not completely cured. He has been also taking treatment for hypertension and knee pain.

Past History
5 years back patient had an attack of chikungunya

Patient as a person
· Fastidious +++
· Co-operative
· Proud
· Easily angered
· Anxiety - diseases after
· Contradiction <
· Magnetized- Desire to be
· Desires open air
· Desires cold food and drinks

Physical Examination

Jaundice - Nil
Clubbing - Nil
Anaemia- No pallor
BP- 130/100 mmHg
Ulcers: Multiple ulcers on the left leg, Six in numbers. Base muscles and the floor had dark blackish coloured granules. No pain and no localized lymphadenopathy.

Lab Investigations

Hb - 12. 2gms%, TBC- 9050, N- 61%, L - 35%, E- 4%, ESR -8mm/ 1st hour, Blood urea - 32 mg/ dl, Serum creatinine - 1mg/dl RBS - 87mg/dl
KOH mount of the ulcer slough revealed fungal hyphae


The following totality was taken up
Mind company desire for
Mind fastidious
Mind haughty
Contradiction intolerant of
Gen, food& drinks cold water ameliorates
Skin itching burning
Skin itching scratching ameliorates
Skin ulcers painless
Skin ulcers fungous
Finally Ars alb was selected and was given in 0/3 potency and was repeated for a period from 30-8-2010 to 3-9-2010 and then the potency was raised to 0'/6 from a period of 3-9-2010 to 8-9-2010. The ulcer healed with this time.
(Refer Plate Before & After)


Mycetoma is a chronic fungal infection of the skin with ulcer formation and is very difficult to be cured by the conventional treatment. A homoeopathic treatment would be more effective in such cases.