Jan 2011|Vol 8|Issue 1

A Case of Epilepsy

Dr.Shreepad hegde, M.D (Hom)
Professor, GHMC,
Mobile: 09448018654


   Dr. Shreepad Hegde is a leading, enthusiastic academician and clinician having good experience in the dynamic field. He is a Professor and renders his service at Government Homoeopathic Medical College, and Hospital, Bangalore. He had presented scientific papers in CME, State and National seminars and also authored many articles.

   A boy aged 18 years presented with a history of epileptic attack for three years. He was advised to take modern medicines, narcotics daily night. Even while taking the medication, the boy used to get seizures, almost once in three weeks or some time, earlier also. There was no aura during the seizure but attacks are classical major seizures, more during night and some times during sleep. Whenever he gets cold, attacks used to come, during the seizures body becomes cold unusually. After the seizures he feels giddiness and sleepy.

Past history:
H/O allergic cold and cough often. No history of head injury

Family history:
Father is suffering from psoriasis.
Mother is suffering from hypo thyroidism

Personal history:
Nothing significant.

Symptoms Selected For Repertory Analysis
1) Convulsions-night
2) Convulsions-becoming cold
3) Convulsions-with coldness of the body
4) Convulsions without consciousness
5) Epileptic seizures
6) General nervous feeling
7) Convulsions during sleep
8) Epileptic attack follows deep sleep
9) Vertigo after seizures
10) Thinking about his ailments

Nosological: Major epileptic seizure
Miasmatic: Psora
Remedial: Causticum
Last epileptic attack was on 9th December 2009

First Prescription                   9/12/2009
Causticum 200 TID for 3 days

Follow up 1                   18/01/2010
No epileptic attacks
PL bd for 5 days

Follow up 2                   15/02/2020
Had allergic cold
Puls 200 3 doses

Follow up 3                   19/03/2010
No attacks
Causticum 1M bd for 3 days
Asked to reduce gardenal to 30 mg daily.

Follow up 4 24/04/2010
No attacks
Tub 1M 1dose
Advised to stop gardenal tablet

Follow up 5 25/05/2010
No seizures
No medicine
Follow up 6 26/ 07/ 2010
EEG - Normal resting awake readings
Patient was on observation till Dec 4th 2010, No seizures.

This case appeared like Opium in its nature, but after careful repertotrization; Causticum came as the similimum. Tuberculinum was prescribed to clear the miasmatic taint. The dosage of gardenal was gradually tapered and stopped. Epileptic cases need close observation and long follow up to get the positive results.