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Jan 2011 | Volume 8 | Issue 1




   A three years old female child was brought to me for recurrent tonsillitis. She was physically weak and also mentally not alert, ill nourished. These constitutional features additionally invidualised by mental make up of “Shyness” guided me to prescribe the medicine Baryta carb. The remedy in 200C brought her under harmony in all aspects.

Dr.P.Mukundan M.D (hom), Lucky Towers, 15 Permanur Main Road Salem-63600. Mobile: 9361506999

Renal Failure
Dr. A. Balaji

  I treated a case of Renal failure with the constitutional Medicine “Calc Carb” in 200C successfully. When the patient consulted me he presented with retention of urine, swelling of both lower limbs and abdomen and difficulty in breathing. His Blood Urea and Creatinine level were high. Nephrologists advised for dialysis , initially the acuteness called Solidago, and Cup. Ars. in lower potencies for a few weeks. And finally Calc carb brought down the parameters normal.


Dr. A. Balaji. M.D(hom), Sri Lakshmi Clinic, Mudaliar Stores,185, North Andar Street, Trichy - 620002; Mobile:9894057603

Dr.Praveen Kumar


   A child presented more perspiration in the palms and soles preventing her daily routines was treated successfully with silica IM . Her history revealed delay in the closure of the fontanelles, large head lead the constitutional understanding. Now she was recovered from her complaints.

Dr.P.D. Praveen Kumar, M.D(hom) Swathi Complex,Basaveshura Nagar, Bangalore- 560079. Mobile 09845301645

Retarded in hearing and speech
Dr.Nilanjana Basu

    A child aged 6 years presented with deafness since birth and speech was not developed too. The intra-uterine history revealed that the mother had pain in abdomen throughout the nine months of pregnancy with hyperemesis. She was kicked by her husband during pregnancy and had mortifications since then. The first illness was discharging ears when he was six months old. His father died 6 months ago after a road traffic accident. The analysis was done, and found out that the death of his father that the most impact on him. Ignatia 10M was prescribed , which responded in a better way


Dr.Nilanjana Basu, Lecturer, Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College, Greater Noida. Mobile:9810699298