Clinical Experience
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Mrs.Amarjit kaur, aged 40 yrs consulted me for the complaint of thyroid nodule of the size of a table tennis ball. the main characteristic symptoms was, changeable size of the thyroid nodule. The patient was hot, feels better in the open air. She was very mild nature, likes sympathy, fear of cancer, dark. Anorexia, flatulence, fatty food disagrees. She also had pain in the lower limbs worse from letting the limb hang down. Menses late, clotted. Leucorrhoea acidic. From the above symptoms the medicine was prescribed Pulsatilla 1m with Placebo for one week. The patient improved very fast. Then Placebo was repeated for one month. After one month there was little increases in the size of thyroid nodule. Again Pulsatilla 1m was repeated, after that patient was observed for six months. There was no relapse.
- Dr.Kulbhushan Juneja Bathinda,Punjab

I always imagined a typical Indian lady as pulsatilla, loving, pretty, mild, yielding, shy lady always requiring assistance in doing everything. When I am a student I imagine such a way, Pulsatilla became very close to my heart.But I had experienced with Pulsatilla that it can also be dark, and not good looking or it can even be highly irritable girl. I treated successfully a case of “Bronchial Asthma’’ neither look of the patient nor mild-yielding nature guided me to, Pulsatilla Once a lady of darker complexion came to me with the case of Bronchial Asthma. on further interrogation I got the salient features like significant family worries, highly irritable at trifles, reduced thirst worse during evening and night. Though reduced thirst and evening aggravation were suggestive of, Pulsatilla, the other features like darker complexion, irritability at trifles did not favour its selection only when I looked into the repertory I realized that even, Pulsatilla is markedly irritable which is at par with Natrum Mur or Nux Vomica or Nitirc Acid. Pulsatilla brought wonderful result in this case. In Dysmenorrhoea cases pain with chillness is an wonderful indication. In the case of Chronic Bronchitis, Bronchietasis and Post Influential cough the type of expectoration remained as most important indication. The thick yellowish green sputum is found to be most important symptom in such cases. Pulsatilla gives promising results in Arthritis also. The modality “Worse by evening, first movement and better by slow continued movement “ has given enough clues for the selection of this medicine.
- Dr P.B.Santosh, Mangalore

Pulsatilla a drug which is known for its mild, yielding, gentle disposition has helped me in treating irritable constitutions also, with all other features of the case matching. In my experience, a case with acute coryza when most of the well known remedies failed pulsatilla cured it speedily because of the most peculiar symptom, where the patient told that coryza was better wherever he was in open air & got aggravated in warm room.
- Dr.Jyothi Kannan, Trivandrum

A fair girl aged 14 years, very religious speculations blended girl, suddenly fainted, She lost her consciousness, and her heart and pulse rate came down. Her cold clammy, pale face showed the symptoms of shock. She became all right after few minutes. Her parents were panic and consulted me. I just asked her mother, “How is her periods?” She said “ No! She is not attained her puberty.” I gave her a dose of Pulsatilla 1m. After few months she menstruated. Pulsatilla is a wonderful Medicine for” prepubertic Hysteria”I never used Pulsatilla for Polycystic ovaraian Disease, polymenorrhoea, In chronic Amenorrhoea pulsatilla Q with Sulphur Q brings menstrual flow. I have used pulsatilla for allergic Bronchitis successfully irrespective of modalities.
- Dr. Joice Thilagam
Dr. Joice Thilagam is a Medical officer working at Chennai Corporation

I have clinically applied and verified the following symptoms of pulsatilla on various disorders
n Yielding nature- moulds herself according to the nature of others
Sympathetic for those who are close to her
Easily frightened
Weeping tendency- weeps while telling her complaints’
Desire for cold things and sweets
Dryness of mouth with out thirst
Pain with constant chilliness
In intermittent fever when a patient comes from allopathic hands with a disordered stomach calls this remedy. Thirst before chill is another indication.
- Dr.S.P Singh ASR,Panjab
Dr.S.P Singh has authored a book “ 21st Century Materia Medica”

I have prescribed in Gastritis, Acid peptic Diseases, Menstrual Irregularities and Leucorrhoea. In Amenorrhoea cases also helpful, I found even with elderly people. I had found pulsatilla is very useful drug for aversion to sex in females. I had prescribed in nocturnal enuresis cases in children, who are shy, timid and yielding. Constitutional application is the key for my applications.
- Dr.Shreepad Hegde, Bangalore

Dr.Shreepad Hegde is assistant professor, lecturing at Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Bangalore