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Pulsatilla is being commonly used in our day-to-day practise. Dr.Parinaz Humaranwala, the recipient of Best teacher award, author of book “Temperament Types a Study “ presents here in depth analysis of the remedy. She had given lively speech in many national and international seminars and also presented excellent articles in leading Homoeopathic journals. She also lectures at CMP Homoeopathic Medical College Mumbai.

Pulsatilla belongs to the Ranunculaceae or Buttercup family, comprising over 1800 species in about 50 genera, the family is centered in temperate and cold regions of Northern and Southern hemisphere, pastures in Central and Northern Europe and in parts of South England. It has sphere of actions Mind, Veins, Mucous membranes, Tongue, Stomach, Bowels, Female and Genito-urinary organs and Respiration.
Submissive, can’t refuse anything. Generally very obedient towards superiors their husband and even in-laws. Would prefer not to displease anybody; to remain in people’s good books. If the girl is married in a altogether different religion she does not take time to adjust to her new surroundings and generally does not rebel to suit her thoughts . She wants to please by being fastidious. Her fear of abandonment [FORSAKEN FEELING] is what makes her yielding and submissive and they go to a very large extent to please people so that they are not rejected. Hence they are very submissive even in their grief. They are very yielding and sympathetic so that they can receive more of the same. Pulsatilla male appears and behaves in a very womanish manner.


Fleshy, Fair

Y.M.T. [yielding, mild, timid]





Self pity

Betterby consolation

Secretions are thick, bland and yellowish- green

Symptoms ever changing


Pains accompanied with constant chilliness

Stomach easily disturbed, especially by cakes, pastry or rich fat foods.

In spite of being so yielding if she is hurt she will resort to religious books. Praying then seems to be the answer to all her problems. She will develop rigid, moralistic, religious dogmatic ideas in this deeper stage.

“The medicinal employment of Pulsatilla will be all the more efficacious when, in affections for which this plant is suitable in respect to the corporeal symptom, there is at the same time in the patient a timid, lachrymose disposition, with a tendency to inward grief and silent peevishness, or at all events a mild and yielding disposition especially when the patient in his normal state of health was good tempered and mild [or even frivolous and good humouredly waggish].
It is therefore especially adapted for slow, phlegmatic temperaments; on the other hand, it is but little suitable for persons who form their resolutions with rapidity, and are quick in their movements, even though they may appear to be good tempered.” [Hahnemann]

“In her dependence, however, she can place severe demands on the time, solicitude and emotional reserves of friends, relatives, and acquaintances. In family, amorous, and even friendly relationships, she seeks ever more support until, at length, others feel they are captives. At first they want to reach out in compassion, with a ‘Poor thing let me help you’ impulse-which she allows. But with time this becomes burdensome. In her tender affection she entwines them in chains of velvet, but they are chains nonetheless, and those wishing to withdraw their support are beset by feelings of guilt. Pulsatilla’s need for support is so strong and real that others are reluctant to make her assume responsibility for herself, even though the protection she seeks is not necessarily in her best interest.” [Coulter] In other words just as he gives she expects to receive in emotional terms.

Narrow places; in a crowd; of being alone; dark; death; misfortune; of Insanity; of ghosts in the evening; therefore wants to hide or run.
For Pulsatilla girl the Mother is the sole point of reference and if mother is not there the child finds a substitute in a teddy bear, thumb sucking, a favorite blanket etc. Pulsatilla lady loves being heard and hence even during case taking take their own time as the homoeopath is willing to listen to all her woes even giving her time to shed her tears often inviting sympathy from the Homoeopath. A sense of relief appears on the face of the Pulsatilla lady as she leaves the consulting room.
She is easily moved to tears or laughter. The Pulsatilla patient after the slightest of emotions especially fright, mortification or excessive joy gets difficulty in breathing. She has changeable moods and can get offended and weep very easily especially from sadness resulting from disagreeable news.
TEMPERAMENT OF PULSATILLA –Phlegmatic, Sanguine, Melancholic, Nervous
These are three traits which come to any physicians mind when Pulsatilla is mentioned.
But when we take these rubrics and cross repertorise we find other drugs also which cover the above. Amongst these the main remedies are: Silicea, Lyco, Cocculus, Ignatia, Calc-silicata and Carcinosin.

These drugs can be differentiated by the below mentioned personality traits in a patient.

1.Silicea Terra :
As we all know Silicea comes very close to Puls as it is also a very delicate, refined and yielding remedy.It is also Mild, but with INNER RESISTANCE. Silicea is yielding, irresolute but will finally do only what she wants to. Obstinacy fixed ideas-does not openly revolt but sticks to her opinion.

She is convinced against her will but will stick to her opinion.[glass is willing to break but will not mould so easily.]It also has a high degree of Conscientiousness – great precision, great calculation and great exactitude.
In terms of my study on temperament type Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Nervous.

2.Lycopodium Clavatum :
Lycopodium inspite of being a very strongly choleric remedy has extreme lack of self-confidence. It has aversion to undertaking any new things. Carefulness, cautiousness and irresolution about trifles is characteristic. Timidity of the remedy is more linked to apprehension and hence it explains the stage fright in the remedy. The lycopodium male is like a tyrant at home but is very mild and nice and timid outside. Bravado is seen more often in lyco than in any other type but it is an attempt to cover up anxiety by acting confidently.
In terms of my study on temperament types Choleric, Nervous.

3.Cocculus Indicus :
The mildness of a Cocculus patient is because of the patient’s oversensitive nature. We find her in most situations wanting to compromise or expecting people to do so. This stems from her extreme sensitiveness to rudeness. [Sensitive to rudeness-1, Ailments from rudeness-1, Sadness: insult, as if from-2 one remedy rubric]. Cocculus lady is an Introvert with a lot of caring nature towards her family members. Irresolution makes her yielding too.
In terms of my study on temperament types Phlegmatic, Melancholic.

4.Ignatia Amara :
Ignatia lady is quick to perceive and rapid in execution. Whereas Pulsatilla is slow, indecisive, seeks opinion of others. The overbearing nature of this remedy makes her take a lot of nonsense from others without an outrage whereas the Staphysagria lady at some point reacts to the pressure and exactly like a pressure cooker lets of steam in terms of anger which can be scorching to the opposite person.
In terms of my study on temperament types. Melancholic, Sanguine, Nervous.

5.Calcarea-Silicata :
Calc-sil is characterized by its absent-mindedness, irritability, irresolution, lack of self-confidence and FEARFULNESS [ailments from FEAR].It is utterly AMBITIONLESS remedy. The lady is very dependant and hence yielding natured. Even after the death of a dear one she seeks the support by talking to the person in her dreams.
In terms of my study on temperament types Phlegmatic, Nervous.

6.Carcinosin :
In Carcinosin the ‘bringing up’ of the patient and the parents play a very important role on the emotional and mental status of the patient. The parents of the patient, either one or both are absolutely overanxious, they bear down their child by overprotection and deprive it of an appropriate development with all natural dangers; or they could be of the type who demand too much of their children. To meet the expectations of the parents the girl will go to a large extent not considering her own desires and hence appears very yielding to the observer. [Ailments from: abuse: childhood in-1] [Ailments from: domination by others: a long history of-1]. Thus this form of suppression leads to precocity, also a high degree of sensitivity to reproach, they cannot stand to be yelled at or criticized. [Mildness: violence, masking the: 1. single remedy].
In terms of my study on temperament types Melancholic, Choleric, Sanguine.
I thank my assistant Dr Maulik Koradia for helping me in compiling this article.


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