Psoriasis... treated successfully with Arsenicum Album

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   Psoriasis is a challenging disease to the medical fraternity. Homoeopathy has shown its efficacy in curing the illness permanently, had been proved clinically with evidence based papers and photographs. Dr.P.Victor Dass, a young dynamic practitioner had produced a wonderful result over cure for psoriasis.

A boy, aged 21, who was suffering from psoriasis since 10 years, was brought to my clinic. The lesions were scaly, dry, rough with parchment, located upper part of the trunk and both extremities. The patient already been under the treatment of various systems of medicines, got fed up, finally had chosen homoeopathy.
The patient is thin, tall, clean, dark complexion. He worried about his illness always.
He was restless during and he doubted about curability psoriasis. His symptomatology is summarised as

  • Tiredness for little efforts
  • Restlessness
  • Skin is dry, scaly, and rough with parchment
  • Itching < night;> Warm applications
  • More thirst drinks water frequently

  Based on the totality my first prescription on 7-5-2003
Arsenicum album 200C
OD for fifteen days
A photograph was taken


Please refer back wrapper before treatment




15-5-2003 Dry scaling ++ Ars Alb1m O.D for 15 days
2-6-2003 Scaling less; Itching less Ars Alb1m O.D for 15 days
18-6-2003 Reddish eruptions Cal phos B.I.D for 15 days
5-7-2003 Better SL
21-7-2003 Scaling mild Ars Alb1m O.D for 15 days
2-8-2003 Better SL

Better A photograph was taken.