Phytolacca… in obesity and breast ailments


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Dr.Vijayalakshmi.J is young, interesting Research scholar and much interested in scientific application, Clinical verification of symptoms and her studies based on evidence based documents. She is graduated from the reputed institution
Fr Muller's Homoeopathy Medical College, Mangalore and renders her service as a research scholar at AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Center.

Phytolacca decandra is more valuable remedy in throat conditions like sore throat and Tonsillitis in our clinical practice. This remedy is being used in many mammary gland disorders like fibro adenosis, cystic swellings and nipple conditions also. Some times the remedy found very useful in rheumatic disorders in our regular practice. Besides these wide applications, another remedy from same family Phytolacca Berry commonly used in as anti fat remedy. Many pharmaceuticals use this remedy as patent drug and claims that marvelous results in obesity.
Throat complaints
The inestimatable value of the remedy is found in throat conditions, when the throat is inflamed as red initially and later turns with white spots. A suitable medicine for follicular tonsillitis. Even the objective finding of dark, translucent and dropsical uvula may verify the Allen's key symptoms. Sensation of lump in the throat, desire to swallow continuiously and the back part of the throat may be ash coloured sometimes. The constitutional symptoms like headache, backache, sore bruised feeling all over the body, will be present.

  Dr.E.B.Nash has experienced with his patients in throat conditions that gargling with twenty-drop doses of the mother tincture, but it will in the potentized dose do much better, same as other homeopathic remedies. Another valuable symptom is " Irresistible inclination to bite the teeth or gums together." especially in dentition. Sometimes referred pain in ear may be complained as like electric shock, shooting, and lancinating and shifts from side to side. Cervical lymph glands also palpable in few cases.

Breast complaints
Phytolacca is a very valuable remedy in proliferative affections of the glandular tissue remarkably covering both sycotic and syphilitic manifestations. It has wide curative records from benign lumps like fibroadenosis, Cystic fibrosis and even suspicious tumours. The mammary gland is heavy and sensitive, hard, tender nodosities , easily prone to suppurate and forming mammary abscess with fistulous opening discharging offensive sero sanguineous discharges. The nipples are also sore cracked and very sensitive. Axillary lymph node involvements are also seen in few cases. The referred pain in Phytolacca is felt at the back, head and all over the body. Conium Maculatum which is similar to this remedy in pathological vegetations can be differentiated by its modalities < during menstruation. Inflammatory signs and symptoms in Bryonia are aggravated during menses
Many cases of breast ailments in AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research center case records shows that miasmatic remedies Thuja, Acid Nit, Carcinogen, Lachesis, Calc carb complemented with Conium Maculatum, Phytolacca and Bryonia have given excellent results.

  Phytolacca berry in obesity
Phytolacca berry is being used as a specific prescription for obesity by many Homoeopaths. Many leading pharmaceutical companies promote this drug as a patent by presenting in drops and triturations. The efficacy inferred in obesity and was recommended by William Boericke saying, "Phytolacca has a powerful effect on fibrous and osseous tissues of the human body. Tincture of Phytolacca Berry is used in the treatment of obesity"
In United States this remedy is also found under herbal listing for obesity. Research has shown that it acts by increasing basal metabolic rate (BMR) and also has no side effects when used. Many small scale research have been conducted in various institutes showing very good results of this wonder plant in obesity.
However this application may require larger research and a constitutional treatment with a very suitable homoeopathic